42 Stars Who Have Aged, But Still Look Flawlessly Amazing


Since time immemorial, Hollywood has been filled with breathtakingly beautiful celebrities. Many of the women who play the older lady roles now, used to be the younger, beautiful girls that usually got the guys from the movies of then. The women who would be listed, are more than just what meets the eye, and it is not even about their effortless beauty or the fact that they were, are amazing actors. Many of them went further to take giant strides and shakedown what we knew as normal, and then they became our inspiration to simply do better. This is evident in both their net worth and their career strides. Here are some female celebrities whose beauty declined the option to age with them.

Jessica Lange – King Kong, 1949


Jessica has always been a popular face in the industry way before she acted in ‘King Kong’. she is a current goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, and she is fully into charity and human rights activism. She is a producer and she also has quite an interest in photography. She is proof that you do not need bodywork to sustain a perfect figure, even with age. She is not done blessing our eyes with her acting prowess as she will be in a new series coming to our screens soon, the series is called ‘The Politician’

Fairuza Balk – The craft, 1974


Fairuza was made for the screen; she had her first taste of fame in 1980 as a child star, and from there on out, her name has gone around the world. In the 90s she starred in ‘The Waterboy’, following that ‘The Craft’, where she had a gothic look that was soon part of her identity with her fans. She is currently focusing on music now, and while she is still in the filming industry (filming in a tv series called ‘Paradise City’ where she acts as Lizzy Thomas), it is not exactly full-time, as the music seems to take first place. She also has a website where she sells poems and some of her artworks.

Lynda Carter – Wonder Woman, 1951


Lynda was the original wonder woman before Gal Gadot took on the role. She was formerly Miss World far back as 1972, and the body which gave her that crown has remained untouched till today, no procedures done, whatsoever. She is still an actress and she has amassed quite an amount of wealth from acting. She is currently starring in the Supergirl series airing. There is a chance that we might be seeing her on our screens in a ‘wonder woman’ movie again in 2020, as rumors are going around as regards the release of the 1984 Wonder Woman Movie, which will be released again in 2020.

Cindy Crawford – House of style, 1966


In the 90s, Cindy was one of the models who took the industry by storm, with her looks and a mole above her lips that became a signature recognition as time went on. She had had some work done on her body within the years, and this is something she has been fully open about when asked. Her daughter – Kaia Gerber, seems to have taken after her mother as she is taking giant strides in the industry as well and has pulled quite a lot of fame to herself. Cindy, along with her husband, recently acquired the ‘Nate ‘n Al Hollywood deli’

Kelly McGillis – Top gun, 1967


Kelly as an actress came into the limelight with her role in ‘Top gun’ the movie, and although there have been other movie appearances she has made, this is the movie that we all remember her for. Some of these movie appearances are The accused, Witness and her 2015 movie which was titled ‘Blue’. She has stopped acting at the moment and has decided to focus her life on the great cause of helping people who are suffering from drug and alcohol recover from this addiction. Talk about a woman with a purpose! However, it is unknown if there are plans in the works from her part, to return to the screen, and sincerely, we would not mind.

Catherine Bell – Jag, 1968


Catherine is an American-British actress with Iranian roots who broke into the limelight when she starred in the movie ‘Jag’ as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mckenzie. Before the role of Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mckenzie in Jag, Catherine had landed just a three-line role for the movie. After CBN took over the shooting of the series, she auditioned again and then landed the lieutenant role. She was in ‘Army wives’ as Denise Sherwood, she was also in ‘The good witch’ as Cassie. In 2006, she was nominated for Saturn award as the best-supporting actress on television for her role in the movie ‘The Triangle’. Apart from her role in the series – ‘NCIS’, she has not been very active on TV. She is also a producer and a model.

Cyndi Lauper – Girls just want to have fun, 1953


Cyndi came to the limelight with her hit single, Girls just want to have fun’ and another hit ‘Time after time’. These songs moved her from an ordinary girl to a pop star overnight. As it is natural with a few artists, her career took a backseat to life sometime in the 90s. she moved into Broadway and has since then won a Grammy and a Tony. She is currently an LGBT supporter and she has sold over 50 million albums from then till now. In her way, she is a success.

Sophia Loren – Marriage, Italian Style, 1934


Sophia at 15 had already come into the limelight from pageantry which she participated in. From there, she went into acting and since then she has won a lot of awards. She was once named the hottest woman on earth and the only woman that could rival her then was Bardot. She is a huge inspiration to those who are having issues completely focusing on their careers. Since her role in the short film ‘human voice’ in 2014, we have not heard anything from her as regards her acting career.

Nancy McKeon – The facts of life, 1966


After playing the role of Jo Polniaczek in ‘The facts of life’, she rose to fame, but she never remained at that level. She came down a bit, then she starred in ‘Love begins’ in 2011 and that was the last time she ever went on TV as an actress. She competed in dancing with the stars and was a guest on a good morning America in 2018, more than once, actually. She has not had work done on her body, and she does not seem to need one as she is effortlessly beautiful.

Raquel Welch – One million years BC, 1940


In the 60s and 70s, Raquel was one of those women whose names resounded in the industry for both great acting and being effortlessly beautiful. At 55, she was included in the Empire Magazine as one of the 100 hottest women alive. She eventually had some work done on her body as she grew older. The last time she was on screen was in 2017, in the movie ‘Date my dad’.

Brigitte Bardot – And God Created Woman, 1934


Brigitte reigned in the 50s and 60s tremendously; she was what you would call ‘a dream girl’. She has not had any work done as she has decided to allow age to take its cause, she remains beautiful, nevertheless. She retired from acting after her role in ‘The edifying and joyous story of Colinot’ and ‘Don Juan’. She is actively into animal rights activism.

Diane Keaton – Play it again, Sam, 1946


This was one limitless woman; apart from being a remarkable actress, she also ventured into photography, directing, music, writing and even real estate developing. She has been so busy developing her life instead of getting in situations that would have earned her a stay at the rehabilitation center. She seems to have her proprieties straight. This year, she has already featured in a movie called ‘Poms’ and she is also voicing in a new show – Green Eggs and Ham.

Dame Diana Rig – The avengers, 1938


Before the youngsters knew her name because of her character as Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones, she was already a big wig in the industry and her fame started from her starring in the play called, Medea. She became a CBE in 1988 and a Dame in 1994. She has never had an issue that required her getting a lawyer or legal counsel. She has also been in a few shows including the ‘the Detectorists’ and ‘Victoria’. She has also appeared in a documentary titled ‘Broadway: Beyond the Golden Age.

Helen Mirren – Excalibur, 1945


Helen can be seen as one of the Legends in the industry, as she has been a great influence over time. She is a multi-award owner as she has made giant strides in her career. She had a drug issue at some point because she found out that the money she paid for the drugs went to war criminals. She starred in ‘The Nutcracker and the four realms ‘ and ‘Winchester in 2018. She will also star in the new fast and furious movie – ‘Hobbs & Shaw’. Her new show, ‘Catherine the great’ is airing as well.

Maggie Smith – Harry Potter, 1934


Maggie has a pretty impressive net worth and that is because she has been in the industry for years, and she has had a pretty amazing ride so far. The role she is popularized for remains her role as Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter. She is a multi-award owner and she has also kept her body trim from then till now. She will be in the ‘Downtown Abbey’ movie as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess Of Grantham, she will also be in another movie – ‘A boy called Christmas’, all in 2019.

Faye Dunaway – Bonnie and Clyde, 1941


This multiple award winner has certainly had a long amazing career as an actress. She had a botched plastic surgery and she no longer looks like she used to. She really should have thought long and hard before going under the knife. She has been in recent movies like; ‘Inconceivable’ and ‘The American Connection’. There are reports that she will be in a new movie called ‘Visceral’.

Kelly Le Brock – The woman in red, 1960


After her breathtaking role in the movie, ‘The woman in red’ Kelly’s career simply took a huge flight. She also starred in the movie ‘Hard To Kill’ with her Ex – Steven Seagal. After three children together, Kelly and Steven parted ways. Kelly remarried, ut that ended as well. She said that she had battled with drugs at some point, but she eventually won, after rehab. She has two movies in the works, according to what is on her IMDb page.

Martha Stewart – Martha Stewart Living, 1941


Martha was a model before she hit the goldmine through her cooking skills and her lifestyle coaching skills. Martha had an education, unlike most celebrities, as she graduated with majors in History and Architectural History from Barnard College. She went to jail for financial fraud in 2004, and she came out in 2005. She has a show with the rapper, Snoop Dog called Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge. The show is currently in season 3.

Olivia Newton-John – Grease, 1948


Olivia is a singer, songwriter, and actress who hit fame after her popular role as Sandy in the movie ‘Grease’. She is a philanthropist, an environmentalist, and animal rights and welfare activist, she is also involved in many other purposeful causes. She is still into acting and she would be starring in a new movie called ‘Excellent Mr. Dundee. There are reports that her cancer has returned, so we wish her the best of luck.

Gillian Anderson – X-Files, 1968


Gillian in all her beauty came into acting in 1986 when she was just 22 years old. She gained recognition just as quickly as well, as she did amazingly well as Dana Scully an FBI agent in the movie ‘X-files’. She became a multi-award winner because of that role, and some of these awards include a Golden Globe and an Emmy. Gillian is English, Irish and German, not a surprise where all this beauty comes from now, is it? Gillian’s dad – Homer Edward Anderson III is both a producer and a director. She might be 51, but she certainly does not look it. She is currently starring as jean Milburn in a series called Sex Education.

Cassandra Peterson – Elvira Mistress Of The Dark, 1951


Cassandra had a small beginning. She started as a Vegas showgirl when she was 17, and after a conversation with Elvis Presley one night, things moved really fast from then. He had advised her to try out acting and singing in Europe and she took it. She moved to Hollywood after a while and after a few movies, she became Elvira. She took advantage of the ‘Elvira’ name and made a few movies including ‘Elvira’s Haunted Hills and ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark’. Most of the proceeds from her movies went animal-based charities and HIV/AIDS organizations.

Lisa Bonet – The Cosby Show, 1967


Presently known as Lilakoi Moon, after a name change in 1995 – Lisa is the wife of the amazingly hot Jason Mamoa, who has been breaking grounds in Hollywood since 1982. She is famous for her role in The Cosby Show which aired from 1984 through to 1992 as Denise Huxtable. She has participated in beauty pageants and television shows, including ‘A different world’, which she had to leave when she got pregnant. She continued to make an appearance on the Cosby’s and eventually left for reasons best known to her. She did not have a good first marriage, and in 2007, she met, fell in love and married Jason Momoa. They have two kids together and Lisa has an active writing career.

Jodie Foster – Marriage, Taxi Driver, 1962


Jodie is an outstanding actress, producer, and director. She has been acting since she was 1965 when she was the Coppertone girl in an advertisement at three years old. She kept appearing on advertisements and television shows, until 1976, when she got a role in ‘Taxi Driver’ that got her the initial success. According to Jodie, the movie was a huge stepping stone for her, and it was the first time she had to be anything other than herself. She eventually became an A-list celebrity with so many awards to her name.

Sally Field – Smokey and the bandit, 1946


Sally is an actress that could be regarded as an icon in the industry. Her popularity came from her roles in ‘Forrest Gump, ‘Steel Magnolias’ and ‘Lincoln’. She has had some work done on her body in the last years. She is also into a bit of directing and producing. In 2018, she starred in ‘Maniac’, and currently, she will be starring in a new show called ‘Dispatches from elsewhere’.

Brooke Shields – The blue lagoon, 1965


After starring in movies like ‘Pretty baby’, ‘Blue Lagoon’ and, ‘Endless Love’, Brooke shot to fame at a pretty young age. She eventually got a degree from Princeton University in Romance Languages. She suffered postpartum depression, and we are happy that she eventually got out of that phase. She appeared on a show called ‘Jane the virgin’ and there are reports that she would be in a movie called ‘My boyfriend’s Meds’.

Jenny Agutter – Logan’s Run, 1952


Jenny has always been successful since she was a child, sometime in the 60s, after her debut appearance in the film ‘East of Sudan’. She has grown since then, into an amazing actress who has a lot of awards to her name. she never got to finish high school and college, as fame met her at a really young age. Maybe if she had been born in this age, she would have found a way around it by maybe, registering in an online class. She has been playing Sister Julienne in a show called ‘Call the Midwife’ since 2012. She will be making an appearance in an upcoming movie called ‘Ballerina’.

Dawn French – French and Saunders, 1957


Dawn is an actress, writer, and comedian. She starred in a show which she also wrote called ‘French and Saunders’. She has also been in a lot of stage plays, aside from acting, the recent one was called ‘Snow-white at the palladium’ which was aired in 2018. She lost quite a lot of weight and people asked questions, but she simply answered that she had a different diet plan. She is really busy these days and she is appearing in a new show called ‘Glass House’.

Cybill Shepherd – Moonlighting, 1950


Cybill became a model in the 60s when she was still in high school. She went on to acquire a lot of awards and nominations. She became a gay rights activist and an advocate for abortion rights as time went on. She put her money into good causes instead of drugs and alcohol. The last time she was seen on TV was when she was cast in ‘Being Rose’ in 2017. However, she will be appearing in a new movie titled ‘The Lunch’.

Olivia De Havilland – Gone with the wind, 1916


Olivia was one of the names that rocked Hollywood in the classic age. She was popularly known for her role in ‘ The Adventures of Robinhood’ and Gone with the Wind. She does not have debts problems as she has a high net worth. At 101 years old, she was appointed Dame Commander of the order of the British Empire. She has not appeared on-screen since she appeared on the docu-series in 2012. The show was called ‘60 minutes’.

Dame Judi Dench – James Bond, 1934


Although Judie got her fame from the James Bond movies she featured in, she also gained some popularity for her performances in plays like Macbeth and Othello. Her daughter at some point was said to have been caught up in a DUI incident, but she was saved from that situation by the best legal team money can buy. Judie is still very much active in acting, and will be starring in a new movie called ‘Cats film’.

Julie Andrews – The Sound Of Music, 1936


We may remember her because of her extraordinary role in the movie ‘Sound of Music’, but she has certainly done a lot of work on Broadway as well. Once she almost sued a magazine for spreading the rumor that she had gone for treatment for substance abuse. She had gotten very angry at the accusation, as she was not into drugs and the magazine had lied. She declined the offer of a role on Broadway for the ‘Marry Poppins Returns’. She was the voice behind Karathen in Aquaman. She has not been on screen since them.

Kate Winslet – Titanic, 1975


Kate has not aged a day, she is getting old, but leaving her body behind apparently. There was a rumor once that she had work done on her body, but there was never a confirmation to that news. You may remember her from ‘Titanic’, ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ and the ‘Divergent’ series. Sometime in 2011, a fire broke out while she was holidaying in Necker Island. It was during this period, on that island, that she met her Husband – Ned Rocknroll, they got married the next year.

Chaka Khan – Rufus, 1953


A list of the big names in the industry will be considered null and void if Chaka Khan was not mentioned. She is a multi-award owner who has been dubbed as, ‘Queen of funk’ by some. She has a large net worth, as over 70 million copies of her albums have been sold worldwide. She has had issues with drugs in the past and has admitted to the fact that she had to be rehabilitated at some point to receive treatment. It was a better option to get treated, as the other option would have been to end up in jail for drug abuse, getting a lawyer to get her out of that mess would have cost an arm and a leg. February 2019 had Chaka’s fans jumping for joy as she released a new album titled; ‘Hello Happiness’.

Lola Falana – The Lola Falana show, 1942


Lola is a multi-talented woman. She is a dancer, singer and actress, and the highest-paid performer in the city of Las Vegas, which is one hell of an account balance. She was named ‘The Queen of Las Vegas at some point. She has proven that you can attain success and still not be dragged into a drug or alcohol scandal. She has not been on the entertainment scene for a while as the last time she was seen on screen was sometime in 2013 in a movie called ‘Mary’s Land’.

Mia Farrow – Rosemary’s Baby, 1945.


Mia is an amazing actress and a model who also went into activism at some point. In 2018, Mia became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and went on to be named on Time Magazine one of the Most Influential People in the World, as she had worked under terrible conditions in Africa. She is yet another person who had a botched plastic surgery, as something seems to have gone wrong on her face. The last time she appeared on screen was in 2016, in an episode of a show titled ‘Documentary Now!’

Barbara Bach – The Spy Who Loved Me, 1947


Barbara is known popularly for the role of Anya Amasova in one of the Bond films – The Spy Who Loved Me’. She married a former ‘The Beatles’ member called Ringo Starr in 1981 and they have been together since then. She never had issues with alcohol and she is currently off acting as her last appearance on screen was in 1986, in a movie titled ‘To the North of Katmandu’. She lives a quiet life with her family now.

Pam Grier – Foxy Brown, 1949


Pam got popular after her role in ‘Jackie Brown’, a film by Quentin Tarantino. She is claimed to be one of the first action stars on-screen that is female. She received a Golden Globe award for her acting in this movie. She has a net worth of around 10 million dollars. She featured on a show titled ‘Bless This Mess in 2019’ and she will be appearing in a new movie called ‘Old School Gangstas’.

Jodie Foster – The Silence Of The Lambs, 1962


Jodie is seen as one of the best actresses to come out of her age. She is an amazing actress with amazing acting skills. She has also gained popularity as a filmmaker. She battled with alcohol at some point but overcame at as she never went to rehab. She came out of the closet in 2013 and she is married to a photographer called Alexandra Hedison. Her recent production was a movie titled ‘Hotel Artemis, released in 2018.

Susan Sarandon – Thelma and Louise, 1946


Susan is a good actress and also a good person as she is into charity work, and political activism as well. She is a great inspiration to a lot of people and she is very beautiful. She has nine upcoming projects in the work as said by her IMDb page.

Morgan Fairchild – Dallas, 1950


Morgan has been a star since the 70s and sometime in the 80s. She has been in a few television shows and her career is still quite stable. She is another victim of botched plastic surgery. She was in the show called ‘Days of our Lives’ and will be in a new movie called ‘All Good things’.

Meryl Streep – Kramer vs Kramer, 1949


Meryl is an excellent actress who has earned rightfully, her recognition in the industry. She has played a lot of characters and has fit perfectly into all of them. She keeps a great figure by working out and dieting. She appeared in ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ and ‘ Big Little Lies’. She has three new movies in the works.

Bo Derek – 10, 1956


Before being an actress, Bo was already a model. Her appearance in the movie ‘10’ was what brought her to the limelight in the industry. She got married to John Derek, he was instrumental in her getting roles in the industry, including movies called ‘Bolero’ and ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It’. She was rumored to have had work done on her body, but she denied it. She is set to appear in a movie called ‘JL Family Ranch’

Demi Moore – Indecent Proposal, 1962


Demi has been in the industry since she was 16 years old, she dropped out of high school for it, actually. She got successful really quick, and she stays beautiful and is rumored to have had some work done. She does not seem to be aging soon, not with the way she looked at the recent Met Gala on May 2019. She made an appearance in a 2019 horror movie called ‘Corporate Animals’.