45+ Action Sports Moments That Were Taken At Just The Right Moment


There’s nothing quite like an action sports photo that’s been taken at just the right moment. Whether it’s a football kicking another player on the face or a jaw dropping ice skating tricks these types of photos always seem to capture the excitement and thrill of the sport. And while anyone can technically snap an action sports waiphoto, it takes luck to capture a photo like the ones we are bgoing to show you today. In this blog post, we will take a look at 45 action sports photos that were taken at just the right moment!

Wait, What?

A gymnast literally lost her head while competing You never know what move a gymnast can come up with. Then, there is a move where gymnast tries to show that they’ve lost their head. It is a very difficult move and needs them to be extremely flexible. This gymnast was performing at her best, and this moment came up while she was having a blast.

The photographer caught this moment for her. This shows how hard she tried for this move. This is popularly known as the Headless Horseman move and represents ultimate flexibility. It is worth appreciating her and she is definitely going to be a champion.

The Invisible Player

A player losing his helmet made it look as though a ghost was on the field Many moments caught on camera can easily confuse you and sometimes scare you. This is one of those moments captured in the photograph above. It may look like an invisible man is playing in the field. In real, this may not be the case, but this photograph may make you think like this.

In reality, it was theonl helmet that got off a player’s head. While the helmet was airborne, the photograph clicked this picture. He didn’t intend to capture the helmet but got lucky and got himself a confusing picture of the game. Hope the helmet didn’t hit anyone.

An Extra Move

We all try to be the center of attention at times, but for this baseball player, it clearly worked. It might have been a distraction technique which we’re sure must have worked on everyone who was around. The player used every part of her muscles to ensure she used her full strength to throw the ball. Baseball games can no doubt be super entertaining at times. Everyone was in awe of Choi Seol Hwa’s flexibility and muscle when she did her amazing first pitch. It’s clear that if she loses interest in baseball, she can have a wonderful modeling career as well.

Shape Shifting Abilities

A great force is required when it comes to throwing balls, regardless of what game it is, cricket, American football, baseball, etc. Sometimes they probably acquire even greater abilities like shape-shifting; at least, that’s what the picture you can see made us think. All that runs through our mind is, “how?” Can arms be even folded up like that so easily? Or is this baseball player just that flexible? With that amount of dedication, we do hope he ended up winning the game as; clearly, he really put his heart and arm into it.

Nothing Can Stop Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki is one of the leading names in the history of tennis. In 2010 she gained a title and held it till 2011. She earned a good amount of fans and gave some of her best games ever.

Her fans are always up to watching her games. But, at the same time, playing with such a smile on her face can make anyone fall in love with your game. Look at that smile; it looks like this was one perfect shot, and she celebrated before even hitting it. She seems like she is gifted with such talent.

Things You Have To Do In Figure Skating

Figure skating might not be as graceful as it first seems Figure skating is fun to watch when there is a couple or group performance. That is when you get to see some of the performers’ best and most unique moves. At the same time, the performers try to do their best to entertain the audience, and photographers like this ruin their fun.

The photographer here got a completely different angle for him. While the lady is trying to carry out a spinning routine, the photograph shows something different. After looking at photos like this, the performers can get a bit demotivated as everyone may be giggling while looking at this.

The Photograph Made Her Famous Instantly

If you are a pole vaulting fan, you would be familiar with Maria Perez Vilaplana. She is one of the most famous poles vaulting athletes. However, it is not any championship or a game that made her famous. Instead, the photograph above got viral and made her famous.

There were some sports photographers present during her practice session. The photographers were there to get some random clicks of various uprising athletes practicing. But once they uploaded the picture of Maria , it just took the internet by storm. And now she is the Maria Perez Vilaplana everyone knows about.

Smile for The Camera

When it’s the Olympic season, everyone around the world turns on their tv and is excited to watch the games. However, the games aren’t only the entertaining part about the Olympics; you can guess what we mean by looking at the picture. This poor woman was just doing her job by taking a deep dive when the cameraman decided to take a picture at the wrong time but ended up with a masterpiece that, unfortunately or fortunately, she’ll most likely be remembered by. This can become an Olympic game itself, taking pictures of divers just before they pop into the water.

Only Smiles Here

It's not just the jump in the long jump that catches people's attention

When taking long jumps, the landing seems like the hardest part of it all. But that’s just us; as athletes make it look super easy, but we know we’ll end up with bruises or a broken bone if we try doing the same thing. As you can see, this athlete is all smiles even though she’s just landed on sand that probably made her clothes dirty. However, clearly, she doesn’t care about it, as she’s definitely more focused on winning gold medals. That being said, the position she’s in surely looks very uncomfortable, but the photographer did a great job of clicking the picture right on time.

Bringing Cultures Together

The best part about sports is how everyone in the world, having different cultures, religions, thoughts, and ideas, come together to play one thing they all love doing the most. This picture is a prime example of sports bringing different cultures together in one area. This picture was taken in 2016 in Rio during a volleyball tournament. You can see how the two players behind the net are comfortable with wearing fewer clothes while the player in front is covered fully. It’s amazing to see no judgments, just all the fans, and players enjoying the match as it goes.

Truly A Daredevil

Robbie Madison got to feel what it’s like to ride on water Robbie Maddison is known for his unique motorbike stunts all around the world. But there is nothing this guy hasn’t tried doing with his motorbike. He took his bike and rode it on the water. Yes, this is a real photograph without any editing.

This guy has made it look so easy. It looks like he is just surfing between the waves, which is a normal routine. Well, he is a professional stuntman with the skills to carry out such a stunt. It would be better if we only watched such stunts.

Gracie Gold Is Extremely Photogenic

Gracie Gold seems to know where every camera is at all times Gracie Gold is a leading name in figure skating. Being highly talented, she never fails to amaze her fans with the moves she got. However, this talent doesn’t come easy. She has spent years of practice and dancing to achieve such skills.

During every single performance, Gracie Gold has shown her skills and how photogenic she is. It looks like she is aware of where all the cameras are present. With such routine and skills, she is a star in the making.

Catch the Ball

Somethings in life you just don’t see coming, and that’s exactly what happened to this reporter who took a break from work to take some selfies. Luckily for her, the ball escaped from a very narrow distance and didn’t hit her; otherwise, that would’ve been pretty bad. The reporter, Kelly Nash, was doing her job at the Tampa Bay Ray’s training session, but things got a little boring, so she decided to use that time to take pictures. Even though the balls were moving in her direction, the producer shouted to warn her; thankfully, there were no unwanted accidents. It is a really pretty picture, though so good for her!

Talk to The Foot

Sep 7, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (84) runs over Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning (5) during the first half at Heinz Field. Brown was flagged on the play. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

American football can be a pretty rough game, and there’s no way someone wouldn’t get some bruises while playing. Looking at the picture, we can’t help but grimace at the thought of the pain felt once the shoe must have hit the face. In Antonio Brown’s defense, he was just trying to jump across the other player, Spencer Lanning but unfortunately, he mistimed the jump, which ended, as you can see. Though it may be unintentional, the officials of the game thought the kick was deliberate and charged Antonio with a whopping $8200 fine. There is no doubt that this perfectly timed picture can be meme material worthy, though.

You Need To Be Patient Here!

Playing golf takes a lot of skill and patience to perfect People have created a perception that golf is only about hitting the ball with a club, and that’s it. However, such people have never played golf, which is all they can say. Golf is a game that requires a lot of focus, precision, and patience.

In this photograph, it is visible how Michelle Wie is trying to nail this hot. She was 10 when she started playing golf and was one of the oldest players to be a part of the USGA championship. With such patience, skills, and focus, she became a professional in five years.

Basketballs Face Encounters Can Hurt Badly

Basketballs will always come down, no matter where you’re standing If you want to score shots like this in basketball, it is best not to hold the hoop right after the ball goes in. Unfortunately, something like this may happen to you as well. Here you can see how bad it may have hurt him. The basketball crushed this player’s face.

After getting his feet on the floor, this guy might forget to celebrate the shot he just scored. That is understandable, as he might need a few seconds to get this head straight after such a hit on the face. Sometimes a hit like this can easily bruise your face.

The Most Relaxed Tennis Player Out There!

Some tennis players know how to keep their cool in every game Tennis is one of the most demanding games you can ever play. Constant running can crush your body. However, it seems like it is nothing for Eugenie Bouchard. She is the most relaxed tennis player we have seen. In every game, she never shows that she might be tired.

The smile is a constant after every hit. This personality and determination have led her to win uncountable awards and titles during her career. However, being so relaxed is itself a skill that not everyone can possess.

It Definitely Shook His World

Marouane Fellaini didn’t look so tough when his face was bent out of shape Marouane Fellaini is known for his skills as a midfielder. He was one of the best midfielders ever to be a part of Manchester United. After spending five years in the club, he left to join a Chinese football club. His time at Manchester United boosted his fame and earned him a name.

You can see what he had to do for the game in this photograph. But it is all a part of the game, and things like this always happen. But a hit like this may have shaken his world for some minutes during the game.

Here Is Your Mirror!

Everything about this photo gets more impressive the longer you look This is something that you cannot just pull off intentionally. However, being so close to the water and still holding himself like this is amazing. This guy has got some control over the water and board. This picture is going to be his cover photo for years now.

At least this guy got a chance to look at himself before getting off the wakeboard. It is great to see how this photographer captured this moment. It is great to see how he just bent toward the water while being towed by a boat.

Surface Tension Can Be Scary

Surface tension on the water can make swimmers look a little terrifying Swimming is one of the most watched sports during the Olympics. The sport has gained immense fame over the past years. Champions like Michael Phelps showed the world how swimming is a great sport. Phelps is an inspiration for every swimmer looking to become a professional.

However, swimmers may not look great during their swim. Well, the look is not something they all focus on when the game is on. But in this photograph, you can see how difficult it can be to identify the swimmer. The surface tension can be a scary thing.

Ice Skating Tricks

Figure skaters often push things as far as they can on the ice

It’s very easy to think that we can do the same when we see professional athletes skating on ice with just ice skates off, which are basically skates with a razor blade below them. They make it seem so effortless, but we know we’ll be tripping before we even get the shoes on. Just look at the picture of the Russian skater Julia Lipnitskaia, who flawlessly has her leg up in the air up to her head while smoothly skating on the ice rink. This is one sport we’ll never be trying so that all our teeth stay intact.

Break It Down

Hitting the baseball hard isn’t just impressive - it can be dangerous

Here’s something you don’t see that often; a player breaking their bat after hitting the ball. We don’t blame the baseball hitter, though, as the one who bowled, Giancarlo Santon, threw the ball at a speed of 123.9 mph, which is undoubtedly very fast. The hitter managed to hit the ball with his bat, but instead of ending up with a great short, his bat was blown to pieces by the force. The strength athletes possess sometimes amazes us as the batter and pitcher both used their utmost force, which led to unexpected outcomes.

You Can’t See Me

We realized the best way to get funny pictures of someone is if you make them play sports. But, let’s be honest, we all have been into doing magic tricks at one point in our life, and this football player decided his time to shine would be on the field. As you can see in the picture, the guy decided to use his shirt to cover his head while his helmet went off, flying toward his opponent. Maybe it was a new trick in the book; he was trying out to distract the other team while he ran to score the goal.

Figure Skating Can Be Deadly

Figure skating can be a dangerous sport, as this photo goes to show Many sports in the world can be dangerous or even deadly. Well, figure skating can be a part of that list. It may seem like a normal ice skating showing some of their best moves. However, things can sometimes turn deadly as the game has sharp blades.

The picture above is evidence that it can be deadly. The girl had a bad fall, and the guy was behind her. Thank goodness they had some control; otherwise, things would’ve taken a wrong turn. For the girl, it did, as the drag may have made her face numb for a while.

It Seems Like Nothing For Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt seems to enjoy every race he runs - and wins Who wouldn’t love seeing Usain Bolt running live? However, during his run, it is impossible to see his expressions due to his running speed. But, this photographer got a click, and it seems like the speed is nothing for Usain Bolt.

A smile is visible on an athlete’s face once he wins. However, Usain knew he would win during the race, which could be the reason for that smile. He tries to enjoy every single moment of his race. What a great guy Usain is.

Is It A Race or High Jump?

Preparing for a race can see athletes pull off all kinds of impressive moves

Be it a 400-meter or an 800-meter race; athletes need to be relaxed in every way possible. That helps them stay focused and control their breathing. Therefore, before the race, it is important to ensure that every muscle of the athlete’s body is warmed up.

Therefore, you can see such moves before the race. The one photographed here is amazing to see. Such a high jump while standing shows how great a physique this athlete has got. It wouldn’t be shocking news if this guy won the race.

Ouch, That Must Have Hurt

Imagine getting hit by a ball that was moving at full speed by a professional baseball pitcher. Ouch, we surely wouldn’t want to be at that end of the frame. Unluckily for Rickie Weeks, his bat was just a little low than it should have been, and the ball went straight to his face. You can see the pain he felt by looking at the picture, and we can surely empathize with him. We hope there were medics on the ground to take care of him after this unwanted accident; hopefully, there weren’t any serious injuries.

We Can Understand What Michelle Obama Goes Through!

Even Michelle Obama loses her cool every now and then One of the most loved First Ladies of the US, Michelle Obama, is also an author, activist, and an inspiration for thousands of people. She never fails to amaze her fans with her work. However, during her free time, she can be seen playing tennis.

But sometimes, she can get scared if the ball comes toward her face. Well, it can happen if you are not a professional tennis player. But that is not something that can stop you from playing, and you will gradually overcome this.

Bending the Bat

Sports can be very interesting and the biggest reason for that- at least for us, is the cameraman taking the picture at just the right time. This picture is one of our favorites, as you can literally feel the strength the baseball player is using to hit the ball away. Baseball bats are clearly not bent, but with the amount of force applied, the player’s bat can be seen curved, and the photographer caught the moment just in time. This is a really powerful picture; it tells you about the efforts all sports players put into the game.

Karate or Kick Volleyball?

Kick volleyball often means players have to get into different shapes While the players were playing a match of kick volleyball, the adrenaline may have made them go a bit crazy. However, the competitiveness was so high that they started throwing karate kicks at each other. Things could’ve taken a wrong turn here.

The photographer captured the perfect moment when this was happening. Understandably, every team is eager to win. But sometimes, staying in control is the better option for every player. It shows how true sportsmen they are. Let’s hope this didn’t turn into a real fight and ended right after this kick.

That Could’ve Been Deadly

These two missed the memo that cricket isn’t supposed to be a contact sport Cricket is one of the highly played sports around the world. It is known for being a relaxing and refreshing sport you can play. If you are on the batting side, the adrenaline can be crazy when you are on the pitch.

However, during this, if you come into contact with the bowler, it can be very painful. The photographer here clicked a moment that explains how bad contact in cricket can be. This must have crushed the batsman. Just look how the helmet pulled his head back during this encounter. This could’ve hurt his entire body or even broken his spine.

Throwing In Is Not An Easy Task

Throwing in shot put takes a lot of concentration Shot put is one of the oldest games of the Olympics. It represents an athlete’s true strength and can be very difficult to carry out properly. An athlete must undergo years of training and hard work to participate in this game in the Olympics. It doesn’t come easy.

Thanks to this accidental photo, you can see the strength this athlete is using to perfect this shot. It looks like this shot brought everything he had out of him and used it for this put. This photo got viral instantly as it was published.

Why Am I Here?

It seems on gymnast regrets her decision to leave the floor

We are all familiar with what the face of regret looks like, and that’s what seems to be the case here in this picture. But clearly, this gymnast was probably only worried about getting her landing correctly so she could win the medal. Her face may seem like, “what am I even doing here” but don’t let that fool you, as this lady was set out to win only. If it were us, on the other hand, then the regret part would’ve definitely been true. We believe gymnastics aren’t any less than superheroes with how flexible and strong they are!

Bad Picture Day

It’s not uncommon to be amazed and in awe while watching gymnasts do their thing. Their flow and flexibility are something some of us can only dream about. While there are good things about it, there are also funny moments like this. No matter how elegantly one is making the moves, once a picture is taken during their performance, we’re left with some amusing pictures to look at it. The gymnast was just in her moment, but the cameraman decided it was the perfect time to take a picture, and clearly, it wasn’t as glamorous as the act must have been.

Get the Wings On

We all know that to become a basketball player, you definitely need a good height. We secretly believe that every sports player might have some sort of superpowers installed inside of them, and the reason for that belief can be seen in this picture. We get the fact jumps are needed to score the ball into the net; however, this just seems like the man got his superman power on and decided to fly to the net instead. That being said, the fall after that must have been nasty and left some bruises unless he’s made of steel as well.

How Is That For A Catch?

Why not save some energy and use your face to catch a baseball?

A game of baseball can sometimes be very tiring. Using all the force you have can be tough throughout the entire game. However, anything can be easier with a great focus and passion for the game. But sometimes, the players can do something different to save them some extra effort.

In this photograph, you can see how this player tries to catch the ball with his face. This may have hurt a lot as the baseball is very hard and made from heavy-duty materials. Let’s hope his nose didn’t bleed after catching a ball at such speed.

I’m The Best

Alex Rodriguez looked like a magical baseball player on the field

If you’re a baseball fan, then you probably know who Alex Rodriguez is, and in case you don’t, let us tell you he’s one of the top players in the game. However, does Alex’s strength and perfection at the game come from working hard or just using magic? We’re kind of confused looking at the picture. It seems as if he made his shot perfectly without using his hands. In reality, though, once Alex swung the bat, he knew he had made an automatic homerun and dropped the bat after that. If we were that good at sports, we would show off just like that too.

The Fastest Runner

Even if you’re not a fan of watching sports, there’s no way you still wouldn’t know about Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter. In 2009, during the IAAF world championship, the athlete set a world record of completing a 100m race in just 9.58 seconds. He’s no doubt got the speed of a cheetah. Now his name is known in every household as it’s supposed to be. But not only is he a great runner, but you can also see in the picture how he’s having fun while racing and joking around with the other player. He’s truly a talented human being.

A New Species

It almost seemed like an octopus was on the pitch at this soccer game

We’ve all wondered if there were beings other than humans and animals on this planet. Clearly, there are, and they’ve been playing football all this time. This football team allowed a four-armed player into the match, and we’re all for inclusivity. No, but for real, this is an incredibly timed picture where one person is trying to block the other player behind him. We will keep on believing that it’s a four-armed human, though, that more fun, and if it were true, then a team having one would surely have more advantage than the other teams.

This Shows What True Determination Is!

Etenesh Diro completed her race with just one shoe and sock Etenesh Diro is a true inspiration for all the women runners who want to represent their country in the Olympics. During the Rio 2016 Olympics, Diro lost her shoe and her sock during her 3,000-meter steeplechase.

However, that didn’t affect her run, and she kept going. The lost shoe may have a bit of grip and balance, but a determination was at its peak. The whole world saw this and appreciated her for the passion she had for the run. She deserved it, and such athletes are what make sports interesting.

Is That A Ball?

We have to admit that this is one of the best random pictures ever taken during a tennis match. The picture makes it seem like Simona Haleps face is about to meet with the flying tennis ball; if it were us instead of her, then that would’ve probably been the case. However, Simona is no amateur like us; her face is like she’s about to scream because she is gathering her power to shoot the ball with force toward her opponent. We’ve realized tennis is a sport where one cannot just simply play in silence, but hey, we’re here to enjoy these funny face pictures.

Dreadlock Is Something Not To Mess With

Dreadlock tackling is a rule that’s allowed in the NFL Maintaining and growing dreadlocks is a very long process. Getting the perfect length for your dreadlocks can take a long time. However, the last thing you want is to get tackled by someone using your dreadlocks.

Well, dreadlock tackle is a technique that is acceptable in NFL, and there is nothing you can do against it. The sport is painful, but someone grabbing you by your dreadlocks can hurt a little more. You can see the pain on this guy’s face in this click. Leave the dreadlocks!

What We Don’t See During High Jump

It’s not every day we get to see what happens at the top of a high jump There is no doubt that the high jump is one of the least-watched sports. Not only that, it is one of the quickest, so people barely show interest in it. However, it is an extreme sport, and the athletes should be highly appreciated for their work.

The sport demands extreme flexibility and skills. Athletes train for years to make one right jump that can make them win the championship. Look at this picture; you can see how hard this guy tries to make his jump look perfect. Hope he won this jump!

Yes, Synchronized Swimming Is A Popular Sport

Synchronized swimming doesn’t always lead to flattering photos While you may be watching the regular swimming competition all the time, synchronized swimming was on its way to getting popular. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of what the sport is about. However, it is easy to understand and difficult to carry out.

A group of swimmers have to perform identical moves in the same movement. It could be a performance of some music or anything in a group. However, this photo may look like the swimmers have to come out posing as a swan, but that is not the case here.

Eyes on The Prize

Keeping your eye on the target, the puck in this scenario is something that the coach must have told the team before the game started. Guess Dan Girardi took it too seriously, as you can see from the picture. The real question, though, is how the puck even managed to get under the visor; that’ll always remain a mystery. He looks as amused as we are with the situation. However, thankfully Dan wasn’t hurt and took it like a champ by just stopping to remove the puck out, and the game continued right after that.