50 Strange Things That Happen At The Gym


Many people visit the gym to get in shape and shed extra pounds. Some people also hit fitness centers to escape their troubles and relax. After all, there are different ways to achieve mental peace. A common thing you may see at most gyms is people taking pictures in front of the mirror. You may want to share your progress with your friends, or the image may help you maintain your Snapchat streak. However, there are other things that you may consider strange at the gym. Here are 50 examples of the odd things you may encounter at a gym.

 Exceptional Flexibility

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Seeing people stretch their bodies at the gym is nothing new, but this type of flexibility is something you would see often. The unique thing is that the girl has limited her stretching by placing her legs between two dumbbells. She may be practicing how long she can stay in that position. Her expressions also show that she has done this before and is proud of her achievement. The best thing is that her tights seem to be highly stretchable too. This is because they are holding firmly even in a completely extended position. The brand really did a good job.

 Body Support

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You can get support in the gym in many ways. A fitness enthusiast buddy at the center can help you perform some exercises. You may even have a personal trainer at the gym for support. This girl seems to be having no buddy or trainer at the gym, which is why she using her dog for body support. It seems that the girl is having a lot of fun and even asks someone to capture the shot. However, the dog must not be helping much and may even be suffocating in that shirt. This is why you must always be careful.

Eating While Working

Some people like to have a protein bar before they start their workout routine. However, you may not have seen a person eating during exercising before. It is clear that this guy thinks having a pizza while using a workout machine will eliminate all calories. He may also be using the slice as motivation to raise the weight bar. Whatever the case, it is surely tempting to see a person exercising with a pizza at the gym. The interesting part is that eating while weightlifting is a risky thing. This guy may have puked right after the exercise session ended.

Chicken Legs

Many people must have commented on this guy’s thin legs that resemble a chicken’s leg. He has accepted the fact and decided to mock those people by wearing socks that have the print of chicken legs. The joke must have been funny for people close to him. However, others at the gym may have been confused by the fashion choice of this person. He does get full marks, though, for nailing the point. The main reason for him to go the gym may be to gain muscle mass in his legs so that they start to look less like chicken legs.

The Handprints

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It must have been an embarrassing day at the gym for this lady because of the large handprints on her shorts. The woman may have taken help from her trainer for lifting weights or other exercises. This can explain the marks on her bottom. The funny thing is that such prints usually don’t show on clothing. So the person who left the mark may have had a tough grip. Another explanation behind the prints is that it may have been the design of her shorts. This is unlikely because why would a brand create clothing with such an embarrassing design?

A Bad Product

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There are different machines that you can use at the gym to burn extra calories and build muscle. Many of the tools also include machines that you have to use while sitting. However, this product does not seem quite right because of its poor mechanism. Exercising on this machine would barely cause any loss of calories. It may even be a danger to the person using it due to its odd position. Some of you may even consider that this exercise chair is broken. That is why you should always check the relevant equipment before using it at the gym.

Obsessed With Herself

A person stretching in front of a mirror

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Many people use machines in front of a mirror to enjoy their surroundings at the gym and notice themselves sweating. However, not many people exercise in front of a mirror when performing moves on the ground. This lady may have been obsessed with herself in the gym. She may also be using the mirror to see whether she is performing the steps of an exercise correctly. Many people who do not have trainers and use Google for working out do this. Another reason she may be using the mirror is to check out the people exercising around her.

The Risky Beer

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It is common to see people with their water bottles and protein shakes at the gym. Fluids are necessary for keeping yourself hydrated after a strenuous workout. This guy may not have been smart enough to realize that alcohol does not count as a good fluid. A beer after a workout is not the best option, especially if you are highly dehydrated. It can lead to different health risks, some of which you may not recover from. Remember, only a low-alcohol drink after a workout is less risky. You should also ensure you have had water before having a beer.

 The Gym Selfie

A person taking a selfie

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Many people go to the gym for aesthetics and to have fun with their friends. Working out may not be their top priority. This girl also seems to be having more fun while taking a casual gym selfie. Taking a picture at the gym is a favorite activity of many people. It seems that the girl has not started working out yet because there is no sweat on her body. Her expression also shows that she is not tired yet. Remember, if you are going to the gym, you must workout diligently before taking selfies in front of the mirror.

Falling On The Treadmill

A treadmill is one of the basic machinery you will encounter at most gyms. This is because it allows you to burn calories without lifting heavy weights. The best thing is that the speed of this machine is adjustable to suit your pace. Beginners are advised to use a slow speed and increase it gradually. This is because falling accidents are common if you cannot keep up with the treadmill’s pace. The woman in this picture may be a beginner, or she may have underestimated the speed. She must have been hurt greatly by the fall seen in this image.

 The Perfect Booty

A person taking a selfie in a gym

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Men love to take pictures of their abs and biceps in front of the gym mirror. Meanwhile, girls prefer to take images of their perfectly shaped booty. The woman in this picture is also doing the same. Her pose is odd because it makes it obvious that she wants to take a picture of her lower body. Most people prefer to be subtle when taking gym selfies. Some people can even get irritated because the mirror is there to help them see themselves during exercises and check whether they are performing the steps correctly to avoid mistakes.

 The Weird Sweating Pattern

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People sweat a lot at the gym because of the energy-consuming workout sessions. This is why you may wonder why a person sweating is an odd thing on this list. If you look closely at the person, you will realize the odd sweating pattern that gives a weird image on this person’s back. The worst part is that the person does not even know how he’s sweating. This is why he may have wondered why people passing by laughed at him. Someone may have been kind enough to let him know about the strange sweating pattern at the back.

 Fun At The Gym

People love to hit the gym with their friends and enjoy working out together. This may have been the case with the two people in this image. It is also likely that they may have been a couple. Whatever the case, you may wonder what is going on in this image. After all, no exercise requires you to sit on another person while they are stretching their body. The guy may have been joking around with the woman who was exercising. Their happy expressions also show that the lady is not being bothered by the man on her back.

 An Excellent Split

Enhancing your flexibility is one of the toughest things to do at the gym. You have to be diligent with your workout sessions and wait patiently. This woman seems to have checked all the boxes for a good fitness student because she has achieved her goal. The perfect split shows that you can do anything at the gym if you’re dedicated to achieving progress. Doing a split in a reversed position is harder than a normal split, yet this woman managed to do it. She must have been inspiring for other females working out at the gym.

 Bring Your Kid To The Gym Day

Not everyone who visits a gym is single. Some people are parents who may be doing a part-time job. This man may have been a single parent, considering he has brought his daughter to the gym. The picture shows that there is no excuse for working out and remaining fit. You also don’t have to worry about leaving your kid alone when hitting the gym. It is easy to find a solution for exercising while caring for your daughter, just like this man. If you don’t want to bring your kid to the gym, you may also leave them at daycare.

 A Martini At The Gym

This old may take the top spot for standing out at her gym because of that martini glass in her hand. If you look closely, you will realize that the woman is not neglecting her workout session. She is holding a weighted ball that is helping her while sitting on an exercising chair. The method may not be right for working out, especially if you’re an older adult, but the old woman does not seem to have any regrets. We are only wondering if there is a bar at her gym or if she got that martini glass from home.

 Working Out On A Ball

A person sitting on a ball

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The current generation takes a picture before doing anything to show that they have done it. This is especially true at the gym. Most people visit the place to take selfies instead of working out properly. This girl is another example of the first thing most people do at the gym. They take a machine or weighted ball and use it for taking a picture. The woman seems to be going recently to the gym because her progress has not been much. That is why you should focus on exercising first and taking pictures once you have gained your goals.

 Surrounded By Weights

It is difficult to figure out what this kid is trying to do in this picture. He is not old enough to lift most of these weights without an adult’s supervision. The child may have been trying to create a creative photo for his social media pages. He is thin enough for his feet and hands to stay in the spaces beneath the bars without getting hurt. Someone may have challenged the kid to do this and to take a picture as proof. His parents may also have punished him this way and made him lie in one place.

Bring Your Pet To The Gym Day

This picture is a cute thing that happened at a gym. The owner brought their pet to the fitness center and allowed it to roam around with him. It seems the dog is eager to build muscle, which is he wants to lift the heaviest dumbbell. The best thing is that the owner was able to capture this curious moment. It is interesting that his gym allowed him to bring a pet, considering most don’t. The person in the image background also seems to be in awe of the dog as per the hand positions. This champ surely thinks he’s strong.

Selfie Gone Wrong

Two women sitting on the floor

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It is hard to figure out what’s going on in this picture. One of the girls seems to be showing off her curves while the other is trying to flex her biceps. The worst part is that both of them have not yet gained enough muscle to flaunt their bodies. This is why the selfie has gone wrong badly. It is obvious that both of them should use the gym machines more and exercise better before taking a selfie again. After all, a gym is a place for working out and not just taking pictures in activewear near a mirror.

 McDonald’s Is The New Gym

Some people go to the gym often, but they don’t seem to be getting in shape. Instead, you may find them gaining more weight than ever. This can happen if the definition of the gym is different in that person’s mind. For example, this person sent a picture to their friends by turning McDonald’s into a gym. This may have been the explanation for your friend’s weight gain too. Not everyone who says they are going to the gym visits a fitness center. Some people use it as an excuse to go out with their friends for a lunch date.

 The Reason Behind A Full Gym

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There are many gyms on this globe that are always full or packed on specific days. The main reason behind most of those gyms being full is a fitness enthusiast like this lady. Some places even keep female trainers to attract more members and profit better. After all, who can say no to such a pretty lady when she asks you to come back to the gym or is willing to train you? The girl in this picture seems devoted to her workout session. Her fit body also shows that she has been exercising for years continuously.

 The Worst Distraction

Men in the gym have a lot of self-control when it comes to avoiding junk food and staying healthy. They also don’t get distracted much when working out with their buddies unless a pretty girl walks into the room. This is what seems to be happening in this image. The person carrying the weights is distracted by the lady standing right next to him. Even others in the background seem to be more interested in the woman than working out. Someone even captured the shot that the lady can use to complain about the male members of this gym.

 Training Your Bottom

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This is one of the difficult pictures to explain in this guide because the equipment seems to be something new. The lady in this picture is trying to train for something, but we can’t figure out what. She may have been using that rope for training her butt, but that seems odd. The most common explanation for this picture is that the person is using the rope incorrectly. She may have also become stuck on that rope. Whatever the case, the image is sure to make you laugh or try to figure out what is going on at this gym.

 Swinging On A Ring

Rings at the gym are used for lifting yourself up and practicing moves that will help you build muscle with strength. It is important to reach the ring carefully and maintain your balance. Swinging on this tool is a bad idea that clearly this girl did not know. Moving fast can make you lose your grip and fall on the floor. It is likely that the woman in this picture fell after the shot was taken and got injured. This is unless someone came to help her and made her get off the ring safely.

 Left The Gym Single

A person drinking from a blue container in a gym

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Some people believe they can flirt with girls at the gym if they have abs, regardless of what they wear. However, that is not true. Women in this image seem to be judging the guy for the weird outfit he is wearing. His strange way of drinking water is also something that would cause most girls to steer away from him. The final thing that makes his case weaker is the statement written on his stomach. This may be one of the worst ways to tell someone you are single. We bet the guy left the gym with the same status.

 When All Lockers Are Full

Many people find it odd when others are working out with their gym bags. It seems the person could not find a locker to store his personal stuff. This is why he is carrying them with them on the treadmill. Another explanation is that the guy must be performing method training. Some athletes, such as golfers, practice walking on a treadmill with their bags because they have to carry these things on a golf course. So while this picture may seem odd to many gym members and other people, it may not be for many athletes around the world.

 A Thrilling Workout

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The person in this picture does not seem to be fazed by the fire around him. He has even prepared himself by wearing a fireman’s suit while lifting the weight. The most plausible explanation for this image is that the person is training to become a firefighter. He may be using the weight to practice lifting heavy weights during a fire, such as a beam on a person. The place where he is practicing does not seem to be a gym, but that may not be the case. You should avoid taking such risks when exercising in a public place.

I Forgot My Gym Shoes

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People challenge themselves in many ways at the gym. For example, you may enhance the resistance of the machine you are using for the best workout session. This woman seems to have it all wrong, considering she is wearing heels while lifting heavy weights. The lady can get seriously injured and may even suffer from a broken angle if her balance disrupts. It is surprising that the authority did not take notice of someone working out in heels. She may have even forgotten her workout shoes at home, but that seems unlikely if you are visiting a gym.

The Real Reason For Training

Many women visit the gym to gain the best body shape and flaunt their curves. However, the best results are achieved when you visit the gym to gain muscle mass and improve your strength. This woman falls in the latter category because she can carry a steel keg with just one arm. Her body shape also shows that she has spent a lot of time strength training to improve her power. The best thing is that this will get her a lot of admiration from people around her, especially if she wants to impress other guys at parties and elsewhere.

 The Weirdest Way To Listen To Music

This person seems to be an iPod fan, but these devices are hard to get in this era. Because of that, he seems to be using an iPad for listening to music at the gym. There are many drawbacks to using a tablet at the gym. The large size of the tool makes it hard to carry around different machines. This is why the person has inserted the iPad into his workout trousers. However, this is odd because the device is limiting his movements. It can even break even if the person performs other cardio exercises or sit on a chair.

All Of These Are Mine

Waiting for your turn to use equipment at the gym can be a hassle, especially if you are impatient. The guy in this image seems to fall under this category. He has collected different tools and kept them around him, so he can use them without anyone interfering with his exercise session. This may not be going well with the other members, such as the second person in this image, looking at the one on the seat. The technique of collecting equipment may seem effective, but that is not true. It can get you in trouble with the gym authority.

 The Domino Effect

The machines in this picture have fallen on the gym ground. It is a possibility that one cycle at the start of the row fell and caused a chain reaction with the other machines. Someone may have made the cycle fall purposely by kicking it or using his hands. The gym may have suffered a lot if that was the case. This is especially true if these machines fell with great force and broke one or more parts. It may also be true that the cycles didn’t fall, but they were laid down like this by the gym authority.

 A Weird Bathroom Selfie

Most people take a bathroom mirror selfie by themselves for a great shot. This guy does not really know the meaning of a selfie, which is why he has called his mom to take the image. Another reason behind his not taking the shot is that his hands are occupied trying to make his muscles prominent. Of course, he forgot to tell his mother to remain out of the image range. Another confusing thing is whether this is a bathroom or a kitchen. This is because of the food lying on the table along with a storage container.

The Best Lift

Many people lift weights at a gym, but not all of them do it with the best posture. This woman has been training for years to lift the weight without losing her balance. Her stance and the method of lifting are perfect, which is why you may be wondering who her trainer is. The determined look on her face also shows that she is devoted to staying fit. Whoever took this photo also had skills because they captured the moment perfectly. This is the type of image that you should aim to capture at a gym instead of mirror selfies.

 Gym Is For All People

It is not often that you see an older adult in the gym with hair rollers on their head. This old lady may have come to the fitness right after her salon visit. The two places may have also been nearby. The picture shows that the woman’s age is not stopping her from working out or using machines at the gym. She also seems to be wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for exercising. This woman is a prime example that a gym is for everyone, whether they are young or old. So you should not be surprised when seeing such people at the gym.

 Nap Time

Everyone who goes to the gym does not visit it out of their own will. Some people are forced to go there due to family pressure and other reasons. You may not want to wake up early to visit the gym to lose weight. The man in this picture seems to be one of those people. He must have been forced to go to the gym, so he decided to nap there. Another reason may be that he came of his own will but felt sleepy while exercising. Some people who wanted the machine may have been angry about this.

 I Don’t Want To Exercise

The person in this picture decided to use his home gym for a baby photoshoot. His kid does not seem to be happy about it. It was creative of the person to bring his child near an exercise tool when he was crying. The situation must have been funny for him and his friends. It is good that babies don’t remember everything from their childhood. Otherwise, this kid must have been traumatized to go to the gym after becoming an adult. The large equipment must have traumatized the kid. We just hope that the child wasn’t hurt by the tools.

A Unicycle Treadmill

Walking fast on a treadmill is risky because it can make you fall. You may even suffer significant injuries if your face hits any part of the machine. This man does not seem to be scared of a treadmill, considering he brought a unicycle on it. The main thing we are wondering about is the whereabouts of the gym security. This is because it is not allowed to bring a unicycle on a treadmill. The funny clothing of the guy also makes the picture hilarious. Let’s hope the person did not get hurt while using the treadmill uniquely.

When You’re Too Overconfident

Being arrogant and overconfident are two qualities that a fitness enthusiast must not have. You must know when to use a trainer or friend for help when working out at the gym. This is especially true when picking up heavy weights. The person in this image did not heed this advice and decided to pick a dumbbell that was too heavy for him to carry alone. You can see him struggling to balance the weight. He would have been lucky if a trainer or friend came to help him. Otherwise, a serious injury may have harmed him.

 A Treadmill Disaster

Treadmill accidents are more common in a gym than you would expect. Two things may be happening in this picture. The first option is that the person was using the machine at a very fast speed and fell. Another reason behind their position is that the treadmill is at a normal speed, but they have become too tired to stand properly. Whatever the case, you must remember not to sit or bend on a treadmill. The belt will continue to move, and you may get hurt due to it. This is why always turn off the machine if you’re tired.

 The Magician

Seeing people lift dumbbells is not a strange thing at the gym, but you may be confused when a person raises another person while exercising. The illusion in this image makes you believe that the one in the red shirt is lifting weight with one hand and performing dark magic with the other. It is likely that they took separate shots and then combined them using Photoshop to create the final image. They may also have set up invisible ropes at the gym to take the shot. If that is true, the people at the gym must have been shocked.

Exercising Too Much

The man in this picture may remind you of the “Thing” from the Fantastic Four. Of course, he may not have superpowers like him, but the person seems to be strong. The picture shows numerous vessels that may be on the verge of popping because of exercising too much. This is why you should always do things in moderation to avoid risks. The person in the background also knows that something bad is about to happen. He may even be getting ready for the disaster by keeping an eye on the guy who is lifting the silver dumbbell.

Working Out From Home

Working out at your home can be difficult if you have young kids. They may annoy you during the exercise or make it hard for you to work out by doing risky things. However, you may come up with a solution to keep your kid occupied when working out. This father decided to include his son in the exercise. He is using him for resistance while doing pushups. The guy may get the best fitness enthusiast award, but he is lacking in the parenting department. This is because the kid could have fallen any minute and gotten hurt badly.

Just Warming Up

Babies cannot work out, but they can be curious about different things. It seems that physical activity and exercise tools intrigue this kid the most. After all, his parents have gotten him various toys for working out. The baby is also dressed up for the session and wearing a smartwatch to track his fitness data. The protein shake bottle also adds to the hilariousness of this image. His parents may have dressed him up to take him to their gym’s daycare. It is likely that this kid will love working out in the future because of the positive environment around him.

 Nothing Can Go Wrong Here

These guys think that nothing can go wrong while picking up a barbell on a workout ball. They were either high or didn’t have much common sense because lifting such a heavy weight on a ball is the best way to invite disaster at the gym. It is also obvious the guy helping is not a personal trainer, as certified trainers know how dangerous this situation is. The person would have gotten hurt if his foot slipped or he could not maintain his balance. We just hope it didn’t come to that because both men could have gotten seriously injured.

I Will Not Miss Gym Day

It is good to have a mindset of not missing your gym days, but this picture takes things to the next level. The bride decided to visit the gym even on her wedding day. Remember, dedication to working out is good, but there are some days that you should skip the gym, such as your wedding. Luckily, it is a tradition for most grooms not to see their bride before the ceremony. Otherwise, this woman’s marriage may have been in trouble even before the vows were exchanged. This sight must have been funny for other members of the gym.

 Too Much Muscle

Some people believe there is no such thing as building too much muscle at the gym. This picture will prove it otherwise. The man has gained so much muscle that it is hard to look at him. If he did that to impress a girl, it would have been a shock for him to see her go the other way. Another reason he may have gained so much muscle is for professional fights. Whatever the case, the look does not suit him. It also makes him look odd because his face size remains the same while his body has enlarged.

 Ready To Attack

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The person in this picture seems to be ready to attack anyone who comes near his exercise machine. He may have been a boy scout who has been told to be ready for anything. Another reason he may be holding that stick is because he does not want anyone to make him get off the cycle. If someone was bullying the guy at the gym, this stick might have been enough to scare them away. Some people also believe that the guy was practicing his balance on the cycle and using a stick to keep his other hand occupied.

 The Bitter Truth

A sign on the street

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There are many ways to market your gym, but this advertisement may have been on the harsher side. No one likes to hear they are fat and ugly, but this ad is saying both things at the same time. Some people may have found humor in this ad and joined this gym. Meanwhile, others may have considered the statement to be insulting. This is why it is important to hire a good marketing team before setting up ads. A poor strategy can make your business suffer financially. It can also reduce your credibility in front of your