Charles Oliveira Is indeed a Bad loser, According to Chandler


At UFC 262, Charles Oliveira shows Michael Chandler that he can overcome hardship by defeating him in a comeback victory to become the undisputed UFC lightweight title. As you’ll see in the next piece, Chandler wasn’t persuaded about Oliveira’s heart before the event.

Michael Chandler relies on previous evidence to back up his claim that he will defeat Charles Oliveira at UFC 262.

Michael Chandler recently said that he feels Dan Hooker will be a more difficult test than Oliveira, adding that one of the reasons he arrived at that opinion is because Hooker never quits up. Chandler came to the opposite conclusion while assessing his UFC 262 opponent Charles Oliveira. To begin with, he feels that Oliveira’s failure to make weight four times indicates a lot about his character when things become difficult.

In a recent ESPN interview, Chandler remarked, “I believe it’s an indication of a weakness or lack of stick-to-itiveness.” You are just as good as your word. You say, “I can make 145, I can make 155,” when you sign a contract stating, “I am going to render a work, and the UFC will deliver a service, and we enter into an agreement.” I’m going to appear. I’m going to fight for five rounds; I’m going to fight for three. I’ll give it my all and put my best foot forward. So, you’re not keeping your half of the contract from a purely commercial sense, which I don’t like.”

Michael Chandler’s criticism of Oliveira’s heart was also based on a 2017 battle with Paul Felder. Felder was dumping some monster elbows on Oliveira’s face during the last sequence of this bout, which was Oliveira’s last defeat before his current eight-fight winning run. Oliveira seemed to tap temporarily before Felder hit the last two elbows, resulting in a TKO win.

Chandler is convinced that after watching what happened that night and considering his weight-loss concerns, he will force Oliveira to give up once again.

“I was also referencing that if you look at the Paul Felder bout, he tapped because of blows,” Chandler pointed out. “If you watch a lot of bouts, he just sort of goes… If he can’t force his will on you, he’ll eventually look at you and say, “OK, you’ve won this one.” I’m finished. I’m going to go get a half-paycheck and then go home.’

“I believe there will be a time, or a series of moments, in this battle when he will see it in my eyes.” He’ll sense the strength that I wield. He’ll get the impression that I’m just getting better, and he’ll be on his way to worrying.”

On May 15, at UFC 262, we’ll see whether Michael Chandler’s prediction comes true.