Dana White regrets the post-fight incident with Deiveson Figueiredo & Brandon Moreno!


Dana White felt terrible for spoiling Brandon Moreno’s day.

Deiveson Figueiredo, Moreno’s longstanding rival, was invited to the octagon to enjoy Moreno’s victory against Kai Kara-France for the transitional flyweight championship at UFC 277 on Saturday.

Although the post-fight conversation was mostly friendly, White wonders if he and his crew might have better dealt with the situation; Figueiredo is expected to challenge Moreno for the interim title in a tetralogy match soon.

While speaking to reporters following Saturday night’s bout, White said that his mistake was “somewhat of an in-the-moment.” I didn’t realize how rude he had been until I saw him rising.” He is obstructing this kid’s great opportunity.

Despite our best efforts, we could not avoid uttering a harsh remark about Moreno.

Even if he was still upset, Moreno decided to put aside his dislike of Figueiredo for the good of his family.

Finally, Moreno said, “I don’t give a damn.” I was ready to use every weapon at my disposal against him at that very time.” I was ready to grab the microphone and yell, “Let’s go, motherf*****! “after hearing rumors that he had landed in Dallas only two days before. Once again, we may say, “Four times is a charm!” It was my statements that were truthful, on the other hand. Madison, my eight-year-old daughter, is beginning to understand the world around her. For her sake, I realized I could be her better role model.

My goal is to keep information about her father’s antics private. The point is that I promised to do the same when you asked me to atone for my transgressions against you.’ It was over. “But don’t misunderstand; I’m ready to face you.” “

This is the first time in UFC history that two opponents have faced off four times. Still, Moreno and Figueiredo appear to be the first. After a tie at UFC 256 and a division of title matches for the future championship at UFC 263 and UFC 270, their previous best against each other is 1-1-1. Figueiredo beat Moreno unanimously earlier this year to recover the title.

For White, this once-in-a-lifetime competition may carry on for a long time.

There have been ten instances where White has made this statement. “Who doesn’t want to see the fight again?” What an odd question. To put it simply, I’m the very worst at this sort of stuff. It’s a complete turnoff for me. As long as you’ve got a man who’s 2-to-1 or whatever, you don’t need to see the fight again. This is one of those weird ones you can’t help but wonder about.

According to Figueiredo, the fourth fight should occur in Brazil on Saturday. The UFC has not visited Figueiredo’s home country since the emergence of the coronavirus in March 2020. They may not return to Brazil until 2023, but White stays optimistic.

They want to travel to Brazil “next year,” he said. “We’ll see what this wild planet has to offer” for the 2nd attempt in six months.