Joe Burrow Wears A Cincinnati Bengals-inspired Costume During Super Bowl 2022 Play Day.


Getting there in style! Joe Burrow wore a show-stopping big game costume before placing on his Cincinnati Bengals uniform for Super Bowl LVI.

The Bengals’ main Instagram profile uploaded a clip of player Andy Dalton, 25, wearing a gray and black striped suit, Athletic sneakers, a dark hard hat, and black sunglasses on Sunday, February 13. The caption stated, “Super Shiesty.”

Before our eyes, Joe Burrow is becoming a fashion star. Whether he’s wearing fashionable shades, flaunting his bling, or paying a subtle reference to The Rock’s most famous appearance, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback has gotten a lot of attention for his clothing throughout the team’s drive to Super Bowl LVI.

Burrow wore a great suit and a stylish hat to the Super Bowl. He seemed to be a guy full of self-assurance and swagger as he entered the most important game of his life. Burrow promised to show before the Big Game, and he didn’t disappoint.

Fans filled the discussion segment with quips about Burrow potentially trying to win the Super Bowl before entering the field against the Los Angeles Rams. (The Bengals eventually lost by a score of 20-23.) One Instagram user responded, “I am sorry Rams, games over,” while another remarked, “Rams are in danger.”

“Joe unusual,” one reviewer joked, comparing the NFL player to the hero of Tiger King.

Many people were taken aback by Burrow’s comments. One remarked, “THAT FIT IS SASSY ASF.”

Some, however, were not fans of the daring style. “For just some explicable reason, it must have been cringe,” one user said, while another wondered aloud, “What is this guy doing?” clothed like this though… but if you do fail… you’ll never understand the last of it.”

Not just because of his exploits on the field, but rather because of his off-field style, the sportsman is becoming one of the most discussed topic players in the NFL. He was candid about his headline-making tactics earlier this week.

“I’m not sure.” “I don’t even worry about it,” Burrow said of public image to USA Now Sports. “I merely put on clothes that I believe I’ll enjoy.” It’s not like I’m going shopping and thinking, ‘Oh, this would be perfect for everybody and.’ I’ve always been unconcerned with what other people think of what I dress or do, and I simply wear what I enjoy.”

The Iowa native believes that playing the game was more essential in the long run. “I strive to do it for myself in front of the camera, and I believe people enjoy that,” he said. “I don’t think about it all that much,” I answer inquiries honestly, and I occasionally dress strangely. But, at the final moment of each day, it all comes down to your performance on the field. So I put forth a lot of effort to put myself in favorable situations to perform well.”

“As a player, boldness is perhaps the most crucial characteristic you possess,” he said.