Khabib Nurmagomedov Tells Everyone Why He Blasted Justin Gaethje’s Title Shot Demand


Khabib Nurmagomedov was pretty blunt when he addressed Justin Gaethje’s demand to be given a title shot. Khabib Nurmagomedov believes that Justin Gaethje should face-off between the matchup winner between Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier.

Let’s be clear, Khabib didn’t mince words with what he said. Khabib Nurmagomedov explained why he feels that Justin Gaethje isn’t ready for the title shot. Khabib believes that taking on Poirier or Oliveira would be a better test for Justin Gaethje.

Khabib Nurmagomedov explained that he is not one to demand anything, but instead, he makes decisions for himself. Khabib believes that Poirier or Oliveira would be a better challenge than Gaethje and his style. However, Khabib’s opinion is his opinion, and he doesn’t see why Justin Gaethje should get the next title shot.

Khabib explains that he has the skillset and style to overcome the threats that the next title contenders have. Khabib believes he would be a better title challenger than both the fighters he mentioned in his opponent list.

Justin Gaethje is determined to get a shot at the title

Justin Gaethje wants to be the one to walk away with the win. Justin Gaethje is the fighter who takes on his opponent and exchanges blows with him. Khabib Nurmagomedov believes that Gaethje’s style would benefit from facing Poirier or Oliveira. However, Khabib doesn’t think that Justin Gaethje is ready for the title shot.

All he wants is a chance. Like many other fighters before him, Justin Gaethje wants to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. Justin Gaethje believes he can get the belt and be a champion no one will ever forget.

Khabib may be retired, but he can spot the heart of a champion

Khabib has plenty of experience inside the octagon, and he understands the sacrifices made to become a champion. Khabib believes that some fighters may not have deserved that shot, but he feels Justin Gaethje deserves a chance to prove it. Khabib believes that Gaethje is in the prime of his career and has the skills to become a champion.

Khabib doesn’t have anything against Gaethje, but he does not think he is ready for the title shot. Khabib believes that Gaethje’s style would fit better in the title shot. Justin Gaethje doesn’t need to get tougher or become more aggressive; he just needs a chance to show what he is capable of. Time is what he needs to become the fighter he will eventually be, and Khabib fully understands that.

Hopefully, Gaethje will eventually get the title shot he’s dreaming about

Justin Gaethje wants to be known for being a champion. Justin Gaethje understands that he has to make the tough decisions necessary to get him what he wants. He wants to fight one of the toughest guys in his division and make history.

Justin Gaethje is determined to win the title and become a champion. Khabib may not be too keen on giving Justin Gaethje what he wants, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t deserved. Justin Gaethje has the skills and dedication to get him exactly what he wants.