Mikey Musumeci on BJJ, Mighty Mouse, and his pizza diet


Mikey Musumeci, a prominent jiu-jitsu fighter, recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, the most well-known podcast in the world. Musumeci and Rogan spoke for two hours, during which time they discussed a broad range of subjects, including his impending ONE Championship championship fight, his spaghetti and pizza diet, and the possibility of a confrontation with MMA great Demetrious. Mr. “Mighty Mouse” Johnson

The key lessons from Musumeci’s presence on the JRE are listed below.

Regarding learning Portuguese:

I learned Portuguese on my own. Because I had spent my whole childhood with Brazilians, I spent a lot of time using Google Translate, which helped me learn Portuguese. I have never been taught. Only I have been using Google Translate.

Musumeci announced his participation in the inaugural ONE Championship submission grappling match:

On September 30, I will compete in the ONE Championship for the title. It will also be available on Amazon Prim in the US. They are currently entering the US. They are doing a great job promoting martial arts, putting kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and JJ on the same event, for example. Fans will thereby get knowledge of all martial arts.

Musumeci has recently experienced health issues that have prevented him from participating in training and competition. He clarifies:

I just removed my appendix. I was exercising regularly and doing my daily business when I suddenly felt a searing ache. I believed I had a stomach bug. I was in excruciating pain. We visited the hospital, where doctors informed us that I would not have survived if we had gone a few hours later. It was rather tense. I had to get surgery right away. I am now getting over that.

Tammi Musumeci, Musumeci’s sister, is a top-level jiu-jitsu athlete. She had a significant influence on Mikey’s growth.

In essence, it was just my sister and me. On our own, we would practice for hours, paying close attention to our exercises. Since I was 15 years old, I have been my coach. Before attending high school, I would get up at 4:30 or 5 in the morning to drill with my sister in my garage. After school, I would resume my training.

Musumeci only eats pizza and spaghetti for his one meal every day.

I have been dieting and trying to lose weight my whole life, which is how this all began. And after constantly dieting and trying to lose weight for so many years, you practically develop an eating problem. It just happens by nature. I would overeat, starve myself, and that was incredibly bad. Your brain becomes messed up due to all that time, and you never feel content or full. I began experimenting with intermittent fasting. So I decided to skip lunch altogether. I reduced my diet to only the items I enjoy. I am Italian and grew up on pizza and pasta, so I cook such foods every night. I have a pint of acai as dessert. And if I followed this diet instead of cutting out all carbohydrates and other things, I would weigh less. So I thought, wait, if I eat only once a day at night, I can still eat all the foods I enjoy. For me, it was an obvious choice.

Musumeci avoids doing conventional strength and conditioning exercises.

I gained strength in training after I quit working out and lifting weights because I began learning how to use my body more effectively. It was said, “Wow, you became stronger.” But instead of getting stronger, I only became more technical. We do not require more actions. I only add a little mild exercise to it to help my nervous system. However, I do not need to take any more action.