The Players to Keep an Eye on During the NFL Draft in 2021


Getting to Know the 2021 NFL Draft

Football fans worldwide all are always on pins and needles during the NFL draft. No one ever knows what’s going to happen, and that makes it exciting. Will your favorite team select someone who will make winning the Super Bowl possible? Or will they add someone who’s about to spend his time riding the bench? There have been as many winners there have been duds over the years, and no one knows how a player will turn out. Ever. That’s part of the fun, though, isn’t it? Pay close attention to the names on our list because you’re sure to see some of them on the field in the not so distant future.

Trevor Lawrence Possible Quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Urban Meyer seems like he’s signaling that Trevor Lawrence could be the next quarterback for the team. What is the likelihood of him getting chosen in the first draft? Well, everyone needs a star quarterback, and Lawrence is just that. He’s got it all too. He’s got the arm, he’s got the speed, he’s got the smarts, and he can make all of the throws. It makes sense that he’s going to get looked at by not only the Jaguars but anyone else who might need someone with an arm that can fire off a rocket. The Jaguars need a QB. Lawrence is the most highly rated quarterback in the draft, so it makes sense that he’d have his sights set on this team.

Ohio State Quarterback Justin Fields

Will the New York Jets make a trade so they can land quarterback Justin Fields during the draft? It seems that the Jets have their eye on him, and he did perform exceptionally well while at Ohio State. It makes sense because the Jets are in a building phase, but they always seem to be. There is a sense of urgency in New York, but not the intensity needed to get this team back on the map again. The Jets would find themselves in a prime position to get a top quarterback and should definitely consider pulling the trigger on this. Whether or not the Jets land Fields will depend on what other teams are looking for.

Zach Wilson Was BYU’s Ace in the Hole for Many Games

BYU fans know precisely who Zach Wilson is. He’s the quarterback who leads them down the path to victory more than one time. Many people believe that he will be the number two overall draft pick. Many people say Zach Wilson was one of the best quarterbacks in the draft this year and will be number two in the first round. That would give him a high chance to make it to a professional football team. It’s safe to say that Zach Wilson will add a lot to any team. Yes, I know it’s a cliché to say that he will help any team in the NFL, but it’s true.

Ja’marr Chase Is a Lightning-fast Receiver

The football is in good hands when Ja’marr Chase receives it. Any NFL team who he plays with will immediately be in the running for the playoffs. The type of speed and agility he brings to the game is almost unheard of for a guy his size. He’s one of those players that quarterbacks like to connect with because they know he’s going to search for the first down. The knowledge that he allows his team to be on the field longer than their opponents makes him a valuable asset. Ja’marr Chase is a dedicated athlete who knows exactly what it takes to be successful.

Penei Sewell Can Stand His Ground With the Best of Them

An offensive tackle like Penei Sewell is priceless when it comes to protecting the quarterback. Anyone who thinks they’re going to sack the quarterback has to go through him first. His position is one on the football field that almost guarantees that the quarterback, and his teammates, will be safe for the majority of the game. He’s a mountain of a man in the trenches, but he certainly doesn’t lack any speed or agility on the football field. He’s quick off the line of scrimmage and changes direction like a wide receiver going in for a touchdown pass. But he’s not a one-dimensional offensive lineman.

Alabama’s Wide Receiver Devonta Smith Will Be a Catch for Some Team

A wide receiver such as Devonta Smith is an asset for any team. Not only can he catch the football, but he can run like the wind with it. A wide receiver such as him can quickly become the difference between winning and losing the big game. Smith is a very athletic guy who can make plays all over the field. His speed and quickness enable him to run away from defenders, and his lateral quickness makes him very effective when he needs to catch a short sideways pass and turn it into a long gain. All of which are much-needed skills when you’re running towards the end zone.

Jaylen Waddle Is Faster Than a Comet

A wide receiver such as Devonta Smith is an asset for any team. Not only can he catch the football, but he can run like the wind with it. A wide receiver such as him can quickly become the difference between winning and losing the big game. Smith is a very athletic guy who can make plays all over the field. His speed and quickness enable him to run away from defenders, and his lateral quickness makes him very effective when he needs to catch a short sideways pass and turn it into a long gain. All of which are much-needed skills when you’re running towards the end zone.

Trey Lance Loves to Fire Bullets Towards the End Zone

Football fans love to watch Trey Lance because he’s got such a strong arm. He loves to fire off the ball like it’s a cannon down towards the end zone. He’s really made it his mission in life to always locate the ball and get it into a receiver’s hands so they can make a touchdown. Trey is a team player who loves to win, and that’s why he’s been so successful. He was the star player at his college, and soon he’ll be the star player on a professional team. He just loves the game, and all the fans really appreciate his hard work and dedication.

Micah Parsons Knows How to Protect the Pocket

Micah Parsons will soon make his name known in the NFL as a linebacker. He’s one of those players who takes his position seriously. He understands that the play won’t go off as planned if he doesn’t square away his opponents. Micah Parsons is one of those athletes who understand how to keep the pocket square. The art of crushing the pocket isn’t lost on him. To know the importance of keeping the pocket square, you need to be an athlete yourself. You need to understand the benefit of allowing your teammate’s space to play their game. You also have to know how important it is to create a pocket for your quarterback. Micah Parsons knows how important it is to have the right stance as a linebacker.

Caleb Farley is a quarterback’s worst nightmare

Caleb Farley is the type of player that quarterbacks have nightmares about. He’s the type of cornerback that keeps his eyes on the football at all times. He has a great field presence in his mind, and it seems never to leave him. He’s a lockdown corner with the ability to make game-changing plays with his hands. Farley is quick, fast, and has the instincts that leave opposing quarterbacks confused. He’s a talented athlete that has never stopped working to date. He’s a workout warrior looking to make his mark at the next level. Farley has the potential to be a superstar cornerback, but it all depends on the team that he lands on.

Diversity Is Kyle Pitts Strength

Kyle Pitts is one of those players that very well could end up defining what it means to be a tight end. Some people think of a tight end as someone who plays a specific role on the field, but Pitts defies all boxes you put him in. He’s so much more than a tight end, and that’s why quarterbacks love him. Teams may not know how to defend him, and that’s a big problem if Pitts can continue to produce. It’s all about confusion and keeping the other players on their toes. Pitts has the size and speed to always be a problem for defences, no matter where he lines up. It’s something Pitts is embracing and always working on.

No Pass Is Safe When Patrick Surtain II Is on the Field

Patrick Surtain II is so explosive on the field that it’s almost impossible for anyone to contain him. If you’re a quarterback and have the ball, you always have to keep your eye on Surtain. You want to know where he is at all times. If you lose sight of him for even an instant, he’ll pick you apart. Surtain’s athleticism and instincts are second-to-none. His ability to read plays allows him to jump routes and make big plays. Quarterbacks are getting picked apart by his massive frame and physical play. He’s just an all-around phenomenal cornerback. He’s got excellent ball skills. He does everything you want in a cornerback. He’s explosive. He can run with the best of them. He’s physical.

No one gets through when Christian Darrisaw is at the helm

Christian Darrisaw is an offensive tackle that ensures no one gets through when he’s protecting the quarterback. Anyone who gets in his way will immediately know what it feels like to run into a brick wall. Darrisaw’s commitment to his teammates and team is beyond comparison. He’s a leader on and off the field. He plays with great determination, aggression, and intensity. He plays with a lot of toughness. On the field and in the classroom, Darrisaw is an all around great student. As a leader of men, Darrisaw commands respect through his actions as well as his words. His coaches believe he will be a great asset to whoever chooses him in the draft.

Rashawn Slater can easily round out an offense

There are many different reasons why Rashawn Slater is the perfect person to round out an offense. The first reason is that he’s a smart player. Few players understand the game the way Slater does. He has a fabulous football presence that enables him to be a valuable team player. He is aware of how much room he has to run and how much pressure is coming his way. Slater also knows how to use his teammates to exploit the weaknesses of an opponent’s defense. Slater doesn’t give up on a play until the whistle blows. Slater keeps his head in the game at all times and isn’t considered to be an aggressive player.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Will Be the Linebacker of Choice for a Lucky Team

Highly skilled linebackers who can think on their toes aren’t a common commodity in the world of football. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is extremely talented and is the type of linebacker who is an asset that a team can’t live without. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is someone who can deliver consistent playmaking ability, he’s an elite-level athlete in the linebacker position, and he has a relentless motor that is hard to match. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah is a linebacker who can be elite level in all three facets of the game (coverage, blitzing, and run-stopping) and that makes him an incredibly rare breed of linebacker.

It’s all about the defense for Kwity Paye

Kwity Paye is a defensive end who has a strong grip of the game. He understands what makes a football play great and how to stop the other team dead in their tracks. In order to stop a play, you have to be on your toes and constantly aware of what is happening. Paye can stop on a dime and protect the pocket at all costs. If you want to stop the other team, you have to hit hard and fast. He has a true passion for the game of football and does not let anything get in his way. Kwity Paye is known for his ability to defeat any opponent on the field.

Nothing gets past Christian Barmore

Christian Barmore is one of those defensive tackles who takes pleasure in punishing people. He’s a big guy, and no one is going to get through to the quarterback without having to pay the price first. If you’re not willing to go through a world of hurt, you will not get anywhere near the quarterback with Barmore as the defensive tackle. He’s very quick for a big guy, but he will let you know if you try and run it up to his side of the field. He’s very good at getting off the ball and is also a good tackler for a big guy. He plays with good leverage for a big guy and isn’t afraid to stick his nose into the play and take on two or three guys.

Jaelan Phillips Is a Mean Tackling Machine

No one going through the defense wants to find themselves on the other end of Jaelan Phillips. He’s a defensive end who’s not afraid of putting his body on the line to protect the play. One of the best parts of his game is that he’s so versatile. While he’s known for his mentality on the field, he’s able to play numerous techniques and positions. At the same time, he can do it all while staying explosive. When he engages opponents, he’s always looking to finish. With that mindset, he can push his way into the backfield forcing the opponent to lose their balance and get inside pressure. With the right coaching, Phillips has all the tools to become a great professional football player.

Taylor Heinicke Has a Strong Arm That Fires Off Consistently

The quarterback is the heart of a team, and it’s impossible for anyone to think that Taylor Heinicke wouldn’t be a great addition to any team. Sure, he’s not going to be the first chosen quarterback in the draft, but that doesn’t mean he’s chopped liver. That arm of his is powerful, and he has a consistent release of his throws. To go with that, he’s got a frame that is sturdy and able to take a solid beating. All of these things make him an attractive prospect to most teams and one that should make some positive changes for any team.

Alijah Vera-Tucker Can Block as Few Offensive Linemen Can

Alijah Vera-Tucker has one single goal as an offensive lineman, and that’s to make sure whoever has to ball can get out onto the field. He does so with the type of grace that is more fitting of a ballerina than a football player. It’s not just his balance and quickness that give him an edge in blocking; it’s his desire to block. Nothing gets through when he’s protecting, and that’s what makes him such an attractive draft pick. The ball is protected the minute it gets into the wide receiver’s hands. Alijah Vera-Tucker is fast, and that’s bad news for anybody who has to go against him on the field. It’s also bad news for anybody who has to line up against him on draft day.

It looks like Indianapolis might land Philip Rivers

Indianapolis needs a defensive end. Philip Rivers could be the perfect fit that they’re looking for. The good thing about Rivers is, he’s going to be available later on in the draft. No one is worried that someone else will snag him up earlier on in the draft. It’s possible that Rivers could still be available in the third or fourth round. And if he is, someone will probably take him up on it. It doesn’t matter if the team is a playoff contender or not; anyone who has Philip Rivers on their team should benefit. Getting Philip Rivers in the third or fourth round would help out the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts need someone who can improve their defense, and Philip Rivers will do just that.

The Titans May Snag Azeez Ojulari as Their Offensive Lineman

Azeez Ojulari is looking like a pretty good fit for the Titans. Why would they choose this offensive lineman? Well, it goes without saying that they need someone to fill this position. He is the kind of guy who can round out a team and make them a contender. He is going to be able to do a lot for the Titans. They can have a great team if they sign Azeez Ojulari as their offensive lineman. Azeez Ojulari is going to help people out a lot, and he can do that for the Titans. He will be able to tackle a lot of problems that they have.

Zach Wilson Is the Type Who Can Catch the Ball and Run With It

As a wide receiver, Zach Wilson is the type of player every quarterback hopes to throw to. It’s still up in the air as to which team will land this wide receiver. Many people believe he’ll call New York home after he gets drafted by the Jets. Here’s a guy who doesn’t get hurt, and he can catch the ball and run it. He has great moves, both running with the ball after he makes a catch and in receiving. Zach Wilson has a great attitude and can adapt to any team. He’s good at the mental game, and his ability to make catches is why he’ll play for a long time.

Teven Jenkins May Have What the Steelers Are Craving

It’s no surprise to Steelers fans that they lack in the offense department. Teven Jenkins very well could be the offensive tackle that they’ve been dreaming of. Steelers fans and the organization alike both know that Jenkins is a perfect fit, and he would make their team a real championship contender. What Jenkins is, is a dominant run blocker. He’s a young guy with the size and strength to be an effective blocker for a long time. The thing that makes Jenkins even more special than the average offensive tackle is that he’s extremely gifted when it comes to run blocking.

The Jaguars Have Their Eyes Set on Alex Leatherwood

Alex Leatherwood and the Jaguars seem like a match made in football heaven. It makes sense considering what their squad is currently lacking. He is a big beefy offensive tackle who can protect a quarterback as few people can. This is what the Jaguars desperately need on their roster. What makes this fit even better is that the Jaguars are an organization that knows how to develop talent and get it to the next level. As a team player, Leatherwood can fit right in with the offensive line group and the locker room. It is expected that he could be a day one starter at offensive tackle for the Jaguars.

Zaven Collins is what the Browns need this year

When doesn’t the Browns need a linebacker? Zaven Collins appears to be headed to the Browns, making sense that he is needed there. The Browns need a linebacker who can play his part and provide leadership for a team that always seems to struggle. Collins can do that. He is an experienced player who also can switch off his part and just play. Zaven Collins is a real winner on and off the field. The Browns need such a player more now than ever. He is a much-needed breath of fresh air for a team that is always down in the dumps.

The Ravens Could Pick Up Offensive Lineman Wyatt Davis

The draft is an excellent way for teams to rebuild, and the Ravens need to spackle a few holes in their game. Wyatt Davis can help them tighten up their offensive. He’s a top offensive linebacker who is focused on moving forward with his NFL career. The Ravens have many holes to fill during the draft this year, and they will use it to rebuild. One huge weakness is their offensive line. They need a lot of help there, and they may look to the draft for help. A great pick would be a player like Wyatt Davis, who can put some teeth in their defense.

The New Orleans Saints Could Use a Cornerback Like Jaycee Horn

The New Orleans Saints seem to have their eye on Jaycee Horn for their open cornerback position. He’s a good choice in the draft to tie up some loose ends they currently have in their defense. He can protect the receivers with his agility and speed. This year the Saints need to focus on securing the team on defense with their cornerback position. They have a solid linebacking corps and can cover receivers with their safeties, but they need a hard-hitting corner to keep up with wideouts in today’s game. Jaycee Horn can be that guy for them. The Saints have good cornerbacks to cover their receivers, but they lack the punch and aggressiveness needed at the position.

Green Bay Needs What Nick Bolton Has to Offer

Green Bay is in dire need of a new linebacker. Nick Bolton seems to be the perfect fit. They won’t have to do anything in the draft regarding trades or anything to get him. Green Bay can wait patiently and allow the draft to unfold, and then select Bolton. As far as linebackers go, Bolten is the most versatile prospect in the draft this year. He can play either middle or outside linebacker. He is a big, strong player that can run sideline to sideline and deliver big hits on wide receivers and running backs. He has a nose for the ball, and the fact that he plays with such determination creates turnovers. He will add more toughness to the Green Bay defense.

Everyone Thinks That the Bills Will Draft Travis Etienne

Will running back Travis Etienne put on a Buffalo Bills jersey? The general consensus is that the Bills will draft him. It makes sense because they need a quality running back, and he can put some enthusiasm in their roster. He is a powerful runner who can make a difference in the team. He is also known to be relentless in his pursuit of his goal. The Bills will not regret drafting him as he will put in the work needed to help their team. If he does land in Buffalo, he better prepare himself for the snowy cold weather.

Levi Onwuzurike Can Bring the Heat to Kansas City

Everyone knows what happened to the Chiefs during the Super Bown. Kansas City needs a defensive end like Levi Onwuzurike. It’s one of the areas that the team seems to be lacking the most. He’s a team player who can play for the Chiefs and bring the heat to the team. Look at the stats Levi puts up and then imagine him playing for the Chiefs. Onwuzurike has a great motor that will help him excel in the NFL. He’s fast, which makes him a threat to score on any play. The Chiefs need a player who can play effectively in either defense, precisely what Levi Onwuzurike brings to the Chiefs’ team.

Jalen Mayfield Is a Much-needed Presence on the Offensive Line

All eyes are on Tampa Bay after winning the Super Bowl. Just because they’re champions doesn’t mean that Tampa doesn’t need to spruce up their roster. Jalen Mayfield can add some much-needed size to their offensive line. Tampa Bay is in an interesting spot heading into the offseason. The champs don’t have many holes to fill, but depth will still be a must with this team. The biggest need for the Bucs is a tight end. Tampa Bay has been after several good tight ends in free agency. Drafting a young guy such as Mayfield is a good idea since they can mold him into the player they want him to be.

Will Brock Purdy Be in the Draft This Year?

It appears that Brock Purdy may not be in the draft this year. It seems that the quarterback is going to go back to school. There could be many different reasons for that in the end. Purdy may just want to further his education to give him a better shot at life after he’s done being a quarterback in the NFL. He may also feel that he is too far behind the other freshman quarterbacks in the draft this year. The other possibility is that he doesn’t think he’s ready for the NFL yet. He obviously has some good physical skills. However, he also needs to develop some of the mental game. He will have plenty of time to do that.

Najee Harris Could Find Himself on a Professional Team

Najee Harris is a running back who has a future in the NFL. Will he find himself in the draft? Well, it’s possible that things will work out his way. Harris is one of those players who may or may not get drafted and no one knows for certain which way it’s going to go. That’s the definition of a long shot. If NFL teams are looking for athletes that have the potential to make an impact on your team, Harris is definitely one to look at. Should he be drafted? That remains to be seen. Harris is a player who has a great deal of potential and could be a vital part of a team.

Rondale Moore Has an Amazing Catch and Run Ability

Rondale Moore is a wide receiver that you want to throw a pass to if you’re a quarterback. It wouldn’t be all too surprising if he ended up on a top tier team. However, there does seem to be a little apprehension over his overall position in the NFL draft. Sometimes players fall through the cracks in the draft. In Moore’s case, there are a few reasons why he may fall through the cracks. He’s a bit of a one-trick pony. That’s not to say that he’s not good at that one trick; he’s just limited. He is a very fast, agile player that has good hands and speed as well. He can play in the slot or be used out wide in the field. He uses his speed to his advantage by getting behind defenders and running under passes.

No One Knows What Team Might Draft Wide Receiver Rashod Bateman

It’s a pretty safe bet that a team will draft Rashod Bateman. He’s a fantastic quick wide receiver who isn’t afraid to run with the ball. It’s up in the air who might pick him because of all the excellent players ahead of him in the NFL draft. It’s one of those years where there could be half a dozen or more players picked in the first round of the draft. This has led to many teams having a question mark on their scouts’ board, with some teams possibly willing to snag him early on, or it could end up taking a while for him to land on a team.

Trevon Moehrig Is an Offensive Threat

The defense always has to be on their toes when Trevon Moehrig steps foot on the field. He’s known as a player who isn’t afraid to tackle. If you’re on the opposing team, you’re going to always be worried that he’s going to pick off one of your passes. But Trevon is also a deadly offensive threat that any coach in any position can use. His style of play is a perfect fit for the NFL, especially any teams that are in the rebuilding phase. Despite being a powerhouse on defense at the outside linebacker position, Trevon has displayed some serious playmaking abilities on offense. His size is a big asset for him, and his speed to attack the defense is hard to match.

Shaun Wade Has a Future as a Cornerback

Shaun Wade is proving himself as a cornerback at Ohio State. Will that translate into someone snagging him in the NFL draft? Well, it all depends on how badly a team needs a cornerback. If they do, Shaun is probably their man. Wade is a player that scouts should keep an eye on as Ohio State continues to play football games this season. He has the potential to be a successful defensive back in the NFL. When a team needs players at a specific position, Wade is one of those that could be drafted right off the bat. He can make plays and will almost certainly be successful in the NFL.

Kyle Trask Is Going to Be a Great Pick Later on

Kyle Trask is more than likely not to get picked during the first round of the NFL draft. That’s good news if you’re a team with picks later on in the draft. This year’s draft is star-studded, and it will go down in history as being one of the all-time bests. Trask is a great quarterback, but he’s not the best, and that’s what’s going to push him backward in the draft. If you haven’t heard of Trask before now, you sure have now. Just wait until he’s drafted and making plays on the field. He’s not going to be the starter for the team that picks him up, but he’s going to be a reliable backup. Trask is a better passer than people give him credit for, and he has more mobility than given credit for.

Trey Smith Is a Big Guy No One Wants to Mess With

At 330 pounds, Trey Smith is an offensive lineman that no one wants to get in the path of. Will he be drafted in 2021? That’s one of those million-dollar questions that no one can answer. Surely you’d think an NFL team would need an offensive lineman like Smith on their roster. He’s a big guy who can push people around. That’s a trait that you want in someone responsible for getting defenders out of the way. And Smith seems to have the tools to be a starter at the next level. And you’d assume he would have plenty of options coming out of the 2021 draft, but it’s anyone guesses at this point.

Pat Freiermuth Is a Highly Valuable Tight End

As everyone already knows, tight ends in the NFL are a bit of a hybrid position. Pat Freiermuth highlights this perfectly by being a jack of all trades. They call him Baby Gronk, and he lives up to the nickname because he is versatile on the football field. It makes sense that a team would draft him, and he more than likely will be chosen. Just when in the draft he’ll get picked by a professional team is something no one can seem to agree on. Pat Freiermuth is considered a late-round pick because he is raw. Yet he has one of the most distinct and quirky positions in the NFL, and if anyone can make it work, it would be him.

Joseph Ossai Is a Highly Ranked Linebacker

If you’re a diehard football fan, you’ve likely heard of Joseph Ossai. He’s a linebacker who is focused on defense. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when he’s picked early in the NFL draft. Ossai has been ranked as one of the top linebackers out there. If you want to follow a linebacker who will be dedicated to playing defense, Ossai is the name you’re most likely going to want to remember. He’s been working hard to make his legend grow. Ossai is undoubtedly doing an excellent job of working towards his goal. One of the things that you’ll notice when you watch him play is that he will be aggressive.

Trevor Lawrence Is Beginning to Make His Name Known as a Defensive End

Slowly but surely, the world is getting to know Trevor Lawrence. Defensive ends are a crucial part of the game of football, and that’s why he’s probably going to get noticed somewhat early on in the NFL draft. His nickname is “Boogie,” and you’re going to hear it throughout his NFL career. As far as his personality is concerned, Trevor really isn’t the same guy off the field that he is on it. He’s all business on the field, but people say that he’s a big teddy bear off the field. Not only does he have that defense-end kind of attitude, but he also has the dedication to ensure his team marches towards victory.

Beware of the Tackle When Jay Tufele Is on the Field

Jay Tufele is one of those defensive linemen who is continuously looking to tackle anyone in sight. If you’re anywhere near him, you better get ready to kiss the ground. He’s the type of player who tackles first and asks questions later. His initial intention is to make the tackle, which makes him incredibly dangerous. No one should be surprised if Tufele is snagged up quickly in the earlier part of the NFL draft. Tufele is deceptively powerful and quick off the ball. He’s a player that might not draw a lot of attention from offensive linemen, but he can really make the team pay if they don’t get him blocked correctly.

Jamie Newman Is a Quarterback Who Will Land on a Team

There is some debate on when Jamie Newman will be drafted in the NFL. He’s a quarterback that any team would love to have on their bench. He’s not going to be picked right away, but don’t expect that he’s going to be one of those players who gets looked over repeatedly. He’s going to get picked, but it’s going to take a little time. He will find his way on a team and in the NFL. He has one of the best arms in football and can really sling the ball around. He can stand in the pocket, deliver the ball accurately and deliver it with a lot of power. He’s got a really good and natural release that helps him with his accuracy. He has one of the best sets of eyes in football as well.

Tim O’malley Strength Is Defending the Football

The job of a defensive tackle like Tim O’malley is pretty simple. He’s the guy who protects the person with the ball. Plays happen because of guys like O’malley, who is aware of what’s going on with the ball at all times. He’s going to get picked up in the NFL draft, though, just when that’s anyone’s guess. He’s not afraid to put his body on the line to make a play. He’s a load of a man, but not quite as large as many others in the same field. His strength is his ability to get his hands on the ball-carrier and hold him up until some help can arrive from the inside.

Chuba Hubbard Has Momentum on His Side

Chuba Hubbard was one of the leading rushers when he was in college. Now, Hubbard is setting his sights on the NFL draft. As a running back, his position is valuable to the team because he’s the type of person who makes going down the field possible. Chuba Hubbard has been getting some good reviews from the scouts. The scouts expect a lot from him, but Hubbard promises to give it to them. He won’t be an early pick, but a lucky team will find themselves a valuable player when they choose him. Chuba Hubbard is very versatile when it comes to his catching skills, and that’s why it would be surprising if he were passed up during the draft.

Mac Jones Is Going to Surprise Everyone

Mac Jones is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL draft. He’s not going to get drafted right away, which means a lucky team can snag this quarterback later on and possibly build a franchise around him. Jones is that good, and it’s surprising to think that he might get passed up for some less talented players. Jones is one of the quarterbacks that will benefit from playing in an offense used to running the ball. Jones thrives on running the ball, and a team that runs often will use him more. He’s a great athlete, and he’ll make anyone who drafts him very happy. Remember the name Mac Jones because he’s going to surprise everyone.

Kadarius Toney Is Lightning Fast and Ready to Play Pro Football

Kadarius Toney is a wide receiver who has had his share of ups and downs. He’s lightning-quick but suffered an injury back in 2019. It would be surprising if the wide receiver didn’t get drafted in 2021. Surely he can even out any rough spots a roster may have. It’s hard to believe the bright future Toney has. Luckily for Toney, he is surrounded by some great allies and supporters. Kadarius Toney took a liking to football when he was younger. He was always moving around and playing with friends. It looked like he had a permanent smile on his face. He’ll be smiling even bigger when he lands his first paid gig as a professional football player in the NFL.

Dillon Radunz Shows Dedication During Every Possession

Dillon Radunz is an offensive tackle who understands what it means to protect the ball. Radunz is not afraid to put his body on the line if it means saving a play. His drive and determination come from a love of football like few players have. His passion for the game is evident each time he takes the field, and his teammates take notice. Radunz is working hard to be the best offensive lineman he can be and does not let much stand in his way. His drive and determination have earned him the respect of his peers. Keep an eye out for his name during the draft because you’ll undoubtedly see it.