The Surprising Cheerleader Pasts of Some of Your Favorite Stars


It’s always surprising to learn that your favorite celebrities have shocking pasts. Cheerleaders are always held up by society as being some of the most beautiful and talented people. It’s probably not all too surprising if a gorgeous starlet was full of school spirit back in the day. Sometimes it is a little jaw-dropping to discover that men of power and privilege were cheerleaders. Follow along and see if any of your favorite celebrities, politicians, and people of power were cheerleaders when they were younger. With people like these cheering you on, anything is possible. Winning the big game seems easy when you have a gorgeous girl with pompoms yelling out your name as you run towards the field goal with the football in your hands.

Cameron Diaz Was Well Known Long Before the Mask

In some circles, Cameron Diaz was famous before the 1994 smash hit The Mask was in movie theaters. Long before she did Calvin Klein and Levi’s ads, people knew who she was. Those people were the ones who went to high school with her. Fans of Cameron Diaz may find it shocking that she was once a cheerleader. The pictures of her with her uniform to make it less shocking to learn that she used to bounce the pompoms with school spirit. She was a gorgeous teenager full of energy who was more than ready to lend a helping hand to her school’s team when they needed it. Cheer is about more than looking good; it’s about moving forward and doing everything you can to make your school’s sports team as successful as possible. Cameron Diaz did just that, and everyone at her school was thankful for her hard work.

Diane Sawyer Was a Cheerleader Before Sitting Behind the News Desk

Diane Sawyer had a long and interesting past long before she began her news career. Long before 1978, when she first sat at the news desk for ABC, she had another career. She was working at the Coca-Cola Pavilion at the World’s Fair. Before that, she was a cheerleader at Seneca High School. Diane did her very best to sow the seeds of school spirit in both athletes and students alike. Her bright, beautiful smile made it easy for anyone seeing her perform her cheerleader routine to immediately be so full of cheer that they had to whoop and holler for the team.

Olivia Munn Lived Abroad and Became a Cheerleader as a Teenager

Olivia Munn grew up in Japan because her stepfather was in the air force. After her mom and stepfather split up, they moved to Oklahoma, where she later became a cheerleader. Rooting for her favorite team came easy for her since she has a bubbly personality. Oliva would later go on to have a role in the popular television show Attack of the Show. Her career continued to flourish after landing the role of a lifetime playing Psylock in the hit movie X-Men: Apocalypse. The dedication and determination for perfection that she picked up during cheerleading may very well be the reason why Olivia seems destined for bigger and better things in her future.

Ciara Showed Signs of Leadership at an Early Age

The famous R&B singer everyone calls Ciara was once known by her full name Ciara Princess Wilson. She has sold multiple platinum albums, which means she’s sold millions of copies worldwide. Ciara is more than just a beautiful face; she also has a set of golden pipes on her that sound like angels singing. Ciara was the captain of the Riverdale High School cheerleading squad. Yes, she was the captain, and that means people saw her potential early on. It’s not possible for someone as talented as she is to hide it from the public. Her devotion to cheering eventually lead to a music career where it seems every time she’s turning around, a record has been broken.

Kirsten Dunst Was a Cheerleader Before Playing One in the Movies

Long before Kirsten Dunst played a cheerleader named Torrance Shipman in the movie Bring It On, she cheered for two different schools. Kirsten attended Laurel High School and Notre Dame High School, where she worked to perfect her cheerleading skills. Later on, she signed up with the Ford Modeling Agency, which resulted in her being in over a hundred commercials. Could cheerleading lead to her success in commercials and film? It’s possible since everyone knows that to be on a cheerleading squad, you must be dedicated and willing to put yourself on the line each time you’ve got the pompoms in your hands.

George W. Bush Was a Leader Before Entering the Oval Office

Can a cheerleader become president of the United States of America? If you’re George W. Bush, you can. Yes, he was a cheerleader. Some of you may be shocked to learn that men can be cheerleaders. If you are, you’re going to be even more shocked by the other men on our list. The former president was a male cheerleader at the Phillips Academy. As you can see in this picture, he’s belting out school pride as only a cheerleader can. Sometimes a team needs more than a little pompom action; they need a guy to get on the horn and give them plenty of encouragement to put the finishing touches on the other team.

Eva Longoria Used Cheerleading to Springboard a Surprising Early Career

Eva Longoria is well known for her role as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives. Many of her top fans have no idea that she was once a cheerleader. Yes, she cheered at both Roy Miller High School and Texas A&M-Kingsville. Cheering set Eva on the path to becoming famous for something other than acting, beauty pageants. Eva was in and won several beauty pageants, including the prestigious Miss Corpus Cristi pageant in 1988. Cheerleading leads the way to the beauty pageants, which in turn helped launched her acting career. It all started with a little school spirit and a dedication to continually improving herself to help her become as successful as she is today.

Sandra Bullock Beamed Her Beautiful Smile at Pep Rallies

Long before Sandra Bullock was driving busses, she was well known for her ability to get people pumped up at pep rallies. Students at Washington-Lee High School always left the auditorium feeling full of energy after seeing Sandra’s beaming, beautiful smile as she filled them full of school spirit. Students who went to school with Sandra remember back to a time when she could excite everyone during a pep rally to the point the entire school was cheering. Sandra Bullock embodied what it meant to be full of so much spirit for your school that you can’t contain it. Beating the rivals was a forgone conclusion after she was done making sure the team was as energized as she was.

Steve Martin’s Knack for Writing Comedy Didn’t Translate Into Crafting Cheers

Steve Martin is known as one of the funniest men ever to live. He’s also known as someone who likes to write his own material. That’s what makes it even more astonishing that the cheers he wrote while a cheerleader in Garden Grove, California, wasn’t liked by the others in his squad. They felt his cheers were anything but ready for prime time, and the other cheerleaders were more than willing to let him know. Maybe the other cheerleaders were sticks in the mud who couldn’t take a joke. None the less, Steve would go on to a successful career in show business that has spanned well over five decades.

Halle Berry Had Her Hands Full as a High School Student

As a high school student in Cleveland, Ohio, Halle Berry didn’t have much spare time. She was the editor of the school newspaper and even the prom queen. If all that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Halle kept her nose in the books to become an honors student. Cheerleading doesn’t seem like such a big deal after accomplishing all those things while in high school. The accomplishments would continue to steam roll into her life as she would become the first African-American to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. Halle Berry is best known for her roles in Jungle Fever and Monsters Ball.

Kelly Ripa Has Been Winning People Over Since High School

Kelly Ripa’s incredible smile has been stunning people all the way back since when she was a cheerleader at Regional High School. Her drama teacher Jim Beckley kicked everything off by suggesting she pursue acting. College wasn’t for Kelly, and she eventually dropped out and landed a gig on All My Children. Her incredible acting skills and beauty caused Kelly to be a household name amongst soap operas lovers. Today, she’s on television in a different capacity, and it’s as the host of the wildly popular morning show Live With Kelly and Ryan. What began as cheerleading eventually lead her to a promising career in television.

Lindsay Lohan is Far More Than Just a Party Girl

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most famous party girls out there. What many people don’t know is, she was once a cheerleader for Sanford H. Calhoun High School and Cold Spring Harbor High School before being home school. Even fewer people know that at one time, she was a model for brands such as Abercrombie and Calvin Klein. Lindsay’s modeling work lead her to get commercial gigs for Jell-O and even Pizza Hut. Longevity seems to be one of the traits of Lindsay’s, and no one should be surprised if her career takes another turn and she’s doing something different. Hopefully, Lindsay’s partying days are behind her, and now she can focus on making great movies like The Parent Trap.

Fergie Had a Pair of Pompoms Before Being in a Chart Hitting Band

Stacie Ann Ferguson or Fergie, as everyone knows her from the Black Eyed Peas, has an interesting history that includes being a cheerleader. Yes, Fergie was a cheerleader at Glen A. Wilson high school. It’s easy to see with her beautiful smile and charisma how she could become a cheerleader. What’s more surprising is that she was a straight-A student. Yes, Fergie is as smart as she is talented. Fergie would later go on to become the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas. Fergie is also well known for her acting roles that shine a spotlight on her ability to transform herself into a completely different person.

Sally Field Had a Special Role Long Before She Played Forrest Gump’s Mom

You know Sally Field from her incredible roles in Forrest Gump and Mrs. Doubtfire. Some of you might be old enough to remember when she played The Flying Nun or Gidget. Sally has had a long and productive acting career, but she started much earlier, getting everyone’s attention. It all began in Birmingham High School, where Sally became a cheerleader. It’s not surprising that a woman with such an outgoing personality and beautiful smile could become a cheerleader. Surprisingly, everyone had fallen in love with her long before she made her debut on the small screen. Today, the grandmotherly figure we all know as Sally Fields was once a youthful, vibrant cheerleader who did everything she could to cheer on the school team to victory.

Gabrielle Union Was a Cheerleader on and Off the Big Screen

Gabrielle Union has done something that very few cheerleaders have done, and it’s quite an accomplishment. Gabrielle Union was not only a cheerleader in high school, but she also starred in a movie about cheerleading. It seems that cheerleading runs through Gabrielle’s blood. The film Bring it On showcases her talents in a way that brings them directly to the forefront. Gabrielle has cemented herself in the hearts and minds of everyone who has ever been involved in cheerleading in any way. Her dedication to both cheering and acting shines brightest in this movie, and it proves that cheerleading is a lifelong obsession for many.

Renee Zellweger Was Once a Master at Pumping a Crowd Up

Everyone knows and loves Renee Zellweger because of her ultra-famous role in Bridget Jones’s Diary. It wasn’t until Renee showed off her cheerleading moves on the Jimmy Fallon Show that many people discovered she was once a cheerleader. Renee had an uncanny knack for being able to enthuse a crowd and get them so pumped up that the team could feed off of their energy. It’s a rare feat for only one girl to be able to get the attention of a crowd and be able to steer them in any direction she wants. Long before Renee commanded everyone’s attention on the big screen, she was doing the same thing on the field as she got crowds so fired it they were almost bursting at the seams.

Calista Flockhart Was Captivating Audiences Long Before Her Role as Ally Mcbeal

If you were alive in the 90s, you no doubt were glued to the television set every time Ally McBeal was on. Calista Flockhart was perfect in her role, and she represented what life was life for a young professional woman. Where did her dedication and ability to focus come from? Some are going to say they are traits that Calista learned from her time as a cheerleader. The years of her spreading cheer and pumping up fans and the team for victory may have been the groundwork for the success she enjoyed a few short years later. Cheering is about so much more than getting everyone in the mood to fight towards victory; it gives young ladies like Calista the skills and confidence required to become successful in today’s dog eat dog world.

Art Imitates Life in One of Mandy Moore’s Signature Movie Roles

Mandy Moore is known for both her musical talents and her acting ability. Everyone knows the famous song Candy that she recorded when she was just 15 years old. Mandy Moore’s role as Lana Thomas in The Princess Diaries is when art and the real world collided for her. As Lana Thomas Mandy played a cheerleader and many moviegoers would’ve been surprised to learn that she was once a cheerleader. Just a few short years before the movie was shot, Mandy was a cheerleader for the Pop Warner football team. Some of what she did on the big screen wasn’t acting at all, but instead, it was Mandy falling back on what she learned while cheering on the football team to victory.

Amy Poehler Has Been Dazzling Audiences Since High School

Amy Poehler is famous for playing a variety of hilarious roles on Saturday Night Live. You might also recognize her from the shows 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. Long before Amy made people laugh on the small screen, she was filling people up with school pride at Burlington High School. It’s almost impossible to imagine the funny woman doing anything other than making people laugh. Her early career as a cheerleader enabled Amy to feel comfortable in front of large crowds. It wouldn’t be long after that she would attend college in Boston and then head to Chicago to pursue a comedy career.

Megan Fox Turned to Cheerleading After Being a Victim of Bullying

The world is a cruel place, and the proof of that is in the fact that Megan Fox was bullied when she was in high school. What would cause anyone to bully such a beautiful and talented young lady? The Transformers star found refuge in cheerleading, and it gave her the courage to continue with her life. What would’ve happened if Megan didn’t have cheerleading to provide her with the balance she needed during this challenging time? No one knows the answer to that question, but just the thought alone can send shivers down your spine. Luckily she didn’t give in to the bullying and turned it all into a positive by shooting films such as Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen shortly after high school.

Paul Rudd Was Both a Cheerleader and the Student Body President

Paul Rudd is a handsome actor who has probably been in at least one of your favorite movies. What gave him the courage to pursue a career on the big screen? Some will say it was the same thing that drove him to become Student Body President in Overland Park High School in Kansas. It wouldn’t be overly shocking if some people said that the reason for his success is the discipline instilled in him while he was a cheerleader. Yes, Paul was one of the few male cheerleaders. His energy and loyalty to his school gave hope to many others as they watched their team march on to victory.

Cheerleading for the Baltimore Ravens Launched Stacy Keibler’s Career

Stacy Keibler did something that few cheerleaders do, which speaks volumes about her determination to become successful. Stacy was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, and it skyrocketed her career. She would later go on to being a part of the WCW and then the WWE. Today, she’s a writer for Stuff magazine and has even appeared as a television host. All of the things she has accomplished can be directly related to her time spent as a cheerleader for a professional football team. Stacy has even been in a few films, and there’s no end in sight for her acting career.

Reese Witherspoon Could Blow the Roof Off a Place While Cheering

Few cheerleaders had the gift Reese Witherspoon had to be able to energize a crowd. She could get people to stand up from their seats and get them to cheer their team to victory. It probably isn’t all too surprising to those who witnessed the Legally Blonde star in action that she would one day become famous. She made sure to give it her all and show as much school pride as possible with the Generals were fighting their way towards victory. The traits Reese picked up during learning how to cheer were what enabled her to star in such films as The Man in the Moon and Walk the Line.

Alicia Silverstone Cheered the Bearcats to Victory

What gave Alicia Silverstone the confidence and courage to become a child star? It all began in San Mateo High School, where the Clueless star became a cheerleader. Everyone remembers Alicia as someone fierce in her dedication to making sure the Bearcats were pumped up and ready to give it their all on the field. Alicia was so focused as a cheerleader that it didn’t surprise anyone when she landed the role of a lifetime in Batman & Robin. What transpired during her years in high school set the stage for everything else that would happen later in her life.

Michael Douglas Follows in His Father’s Cheerleading Footsteps

Michael Douglas realized early on that cheerleading played a significant role in his father’s success. You might know him best as Hank Pym, who has a role along with fellow former male cheerleader Paul Rudd in the Marvel movies. Long before his current big-screen success, Michael was a cheerleader at the Choate Preparatory School. Cheerleading paved the road to success for Michael. The film Cast a Giant Shadow in 1966 was his first role that leads to what has turned out to be a long, meaningful career. None of it would’ve happened if Michael hadn’t been this his father and learned discipline through cheerleading.

Jayma Mays Had Real-life Cheerleading Experience Before Her Role in Glee

Long before Emma Pillsbury butted heads with Sue Sylvester on Glee, Jayma Mays was a high school cheerleader. The skills she learned while cheering transformed herself and allowed her to play Emma on the small screen. Glee is a fan favorite for many reasons, and that’s why people still binge-watch it to this day. Cheerleading and the sense of confidence it gave Jayma has to be one reason why people still consider Glee to be one of their favorite shows. It always comes back to the pompoms for many of these girls, and the spirit that enabled her to cheer a team on to victory is the same energy that she uses to propel her career.

Jesse James Decker Knew What She Wanted Out of Life at an Early Age

Jesse James Decker knew what she wanted to do with her life at the early age of just fifteen years old. She went to many Nashville record labels and auditioned, but nothing panned out. That’s when she decided to put all of her energy into cheerleading. It’s a good thing this talented country-pop singer did so because it proved to her that she could accomplish anything if she put her mind to it. Later on, she would marry former NFL great Eric Decker, and they would star in a reality television show. Jesse harnessed her determination and turned the negatives of rejection into a positive by focusing on cheerleading, which was something she loved.

Brooke Shields Was Well Known Before Her Lazy Boy Commercials

Everyone knows and loves Brooke Shields from the quirky Lazy Boy commercials she did not so long ago. Some of you may be old enough to remember when she played Emeline in The Blue Lagoon. Yes, that was a while ago, but it was one of those roles that seem to leave a lasting impression on people. Back before all of that happened, this fan-favorite was a cheerleader at a private New Jersey school. She lent her energy and school spirit to students and sports fans to help push the team to victory. How could a team lose when they have the one and only Brooke Shields cheering them on?!

Jennifer Lawrence Was a Busy High Schooler in Louisville, Kentucky

Jennifer Lawrence is known for playing some of the most iconic roles of the past few decades. She was in the Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, and even X-Men. At times it seems that Jennifer’s career is never going to die down. Where does such a young lady find the strength and courage to push ahead in the world of show business? Jennifer learned the fundamentals of success while in high school in Louisville, Kentucky. Not only was Jennifer a cheerleader, but she also played field hockey, basketball, and softball. She kept herself busy after school, which translated into her being able to focus on improving herself.

Kirk Douglas Began a Family Legacy of Cheerleading

Kirk Douglas set into motion what would later become a family tradition of cheerleading. Back when he was in Amsterdam High School in Amsterdam, New York, Kirk began cheerleading. Michael, his son, would, later on, become a cheerleader also. Cheering gave Kirk the organization and determination required to make it big in movies. His first role in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers set the stage for a career that spanned decades. Kirk would go on to be in almost a hundred movies over his long life. The dedication required to become a top-notch cheerleader is what provided the framework for his tremendous career.

Paula Abdul Has Done It All, Including Being a Cheerleader

Everyone knows Paula Abdul because of her gig on American Idol. Did you know long before Paula sat in the hot seat, she had many different roles? Her path to fame and fortune started back when she was in Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles. That’s where she because a cheerleader for the first time. Yes, Paula would later go on to cheer professionally as a Laker Girl. That’s where she honed her choreography skills that came in handy when she became a pop star. Anyone who has ever watched any of her videos knows that Paula loves to bust a move while singing.

Jessica Simpson Didn’t Let High School Get in the Way of Her Success

At just 15 years old, Jessica Simpson already knew she was headed towards stardom. That’s why she dropped out of J.J. Pearce High School at such an early age. Cheerleading was one of her passions while in school, but music was as well. Tommy Mottola was so impressed by the teenager that he signed her right away. It wouldn’t be long after until Jessica would once again be a cheerleader, and this time it would be for the Dallas Cowboys. Someone would rarely pursue a career at the tender young age of 15 like she did and be able to pull it off for as long as she has. Cheering made it possible for her to kickstart her career and then turn it into something with real staying power.

Nicole “snooki” Polizzi Struggled to Be a Cheerleader

Everyone knows Snooki from the world-famous MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For those of you who don’t know, Jersey Shore followed several young Italian-Americans and documented their lives. Snooki was a cheerleader while in high school at Marlboro, New York. The problem she faced as a cheerleader was one that many young ladies can relate to, and it was maintaining her weight. Snooki was always afraid her spot as a flier would be taken away by someone much lighter than her. Cheerleading is challenging on many fronts, and for Snooki, the real challenge was maintaining her body weight during one of the most challenging periods of a young lady’s life.

Olivia Wilde Was a Member of the Step Team

What exactly is a step team? A step team is nothing different than a cheerleading squad. Olivia Wilde was on the step team at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. You may recognize the Phillips Academy because it’s the same place for former President George W. Bush attended. Yes, he, too, was on the step team. Maybe there’s something to being on the step team that causes people to become ultra-successful. It worked for Olivia, and she’s super famous as an actress. Maybe they teach people on the step team the secrets to success. who knows; it seems to have done wonders for this actress and former president’s careers.

Cheerleading Helped Propel Kirstie Alley’s Career

How can anyone forget Kirstie Alley’s role in Cheers? The iconic television show is still being broadcast in reruns all over the world. Before the Cheers actress made it big, she was a cheerleader for Wichita Southeast High School in Kansas. Kristie attended Kansas State for a short while but decided to drop out and go to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. Kristie has been able to spotlight herself throughout the years and remain relevant to this very day. The reason for that could be all the discipline required to become a cheerleader. You can’t be lazy and fill everyone full of enough school spirit to win the big game.

Miley Cyrus is Known for Something Other Than Being Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus became instantly famous for her role as Hannah Montana, but that’s not where she first grabbed attention. Miley was a cheerleader, and it’s not too big of a surprise that entertaining is in her blood. After all, she is the daughter of the super famous country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus. If you were alive in the 90s, you know the words to Achy Breaky Heart frontwards and backward. Cheerleading was so crucial to Miley that she hoped to cheer for the Tennessee Premiere soccer team someday. Well, it looks like that didn’t happen, but she has had an amazing career since getting her first role on the small screen. Miley is now an established musician who has sold millions of albums and has toured the world.

Kendall Jenner Was on the Varsity Squad at Sierra Canyon School

It may sound laughable to some that Kendall Jenner would take up cheerleading to get away from her hectic reality television life, but that’s what she did. Kendall was no ordinary cheerleader, and her talents got her all the way to the varsity squad at Sierra Canyon School. It was at high school that Kendall strutted her stuff and put her athletic abilities to the test. The spotlight has been on this young lady since almost day one of her life, but it’s good she could find refuge in cheerleading. Sometimes cheering offers the type of balance required to enable a woman to be all that she can be later on in life.

Kathy Griffin Was a Cheerleader Before Making People Laugh

Long before Kathy Griffin was making people laugh, she was a cheerleader for two schools. Yes, two schools were fortunate enough to have this funny woman on their cheerleading squad. Kathy attended both Oak Park and River Forest High Schools while living in Oak Park, Illinois. She would later go on to star in the movies The Cable Guy and Suddenly Susan. She even had a fiasco featuring President Trump that got her worldwide attention. Cheering is where it all began for her, but setting aside athletics for telling jokes was a smart move since she’s one of the world’s funniest comedians.

Dakota Fanning Was an Actress Before Becoming a Cheerleader

Dakota Fanning reversed the roles and was an actress before she became a cheerleader. Dakota starred on shows such as ER and CSI. Those weren’t the only shows she was on, and many of you probably recognize her from Spin City, The Ellen Show, and even Ally McBeal. Dakota acted and pursued her education at Campbell Hall School, where she was on the varsity cheerleading squad. If all of that isn’t enough to blow your mind, Dakota also was voted homecoming queen. Dakota was a talented young lady that conquered anything that she put her mind to. Some people have the internal strength from a young age to do incredible things, and it’s no surprise that her career has continued to flourish.

Blake Lively Didn’t Seek Out the Spotlight

It appeared that Blake Lively was going to go in a different route than her parents. She didn’t seem to be interested in fame in the least when she was a child. All of that began to change when Blake began cheerleading. It was then that she began to enjoy the attention and understood why her family always wanted to be in the spotlight. Cheering eventually leads Blake to have the courage to seek roles in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Shallows, and The Town. Blake also landed a super important role in Gossip Girl, which proved she can work on the big screen as well as the small screen.

Madonna’s Love of Dance Caused Her to Become a Cheerleader

It seems like Madonna has been stirring up controversy since her career began. The Queen of Pop’s cheerleading career began at Rochester Adams High School. not only was she a cheerleader, but Madonna was also a straight-A student. She would later go to the University of Michigan on a dance scholarship. Madonna dropped out of college in 1978 and fled to New York City, where she pursued a career in the world of pop music. The moves she did while cheering on the high school team more than likely inspired the dance numbers she did in some of her most famous music videos.

Rachael Ray Was Whipping Up School Pride Before Becoming Famous for Her Cooking

Rachael Ray is one of those television personalities that’s impossible not to love. She whips up some of the most delicious looking meals on television. Beyond the things she does in the kitchen, she also owns a pet food company and even produces her own kitchenware line. Long before she began to delight taste buds around the country with her simple but fantastic meals, she was a cheerleader at Lake George High School. Rachel’s bright and bubbly personality is a perfect fit for a cheerleader who must do her best to instill plenty of school pride regardless of how the players perform on the field.

Lucy Hale Was Extraordinarily Busy From an Early Age

Lucy Hale is best known for her roles in Pretty Little Liars and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. What many don’t know about Lucky is that she was once a cheerleader. Yes, she puffed up her high school team by shaking her pompoms and screaming for them to continue on. The look on her face says it all and lets everyone know that she’s fired up. How can a team not march on to victory with someone as enthusiastic as her cheering them on? Lucy is far more than only a cheerleader and a talented actress; she’s also a highly skilled musician. If you haven’t heard the album Road Between, it’s time that you give it a listen because it’s some mighty fine music.

Samuel L. Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson is as honest as a person can be when he says he became a cheerleader to meet more women. The problem is, Samuel attended Morehouse College, which is an all-male college. It’s mind-boggling to believe that Samuel thought that somehow being a cheerleader would help him meet girls when none went to his school. At the time, Samuel was studying marine biology but got bitten by the acting bug after joining an acting troupe for credit. Shortly after, he changed his major and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama degree. Samuel has been in a ton of movies, and his acting career has spanned decades.

Chrissy Teigen’s Gorgeous Smile Helped Fuel the Team to Victory

It seems almost every week Chrissy Teigen is doing something to set the internet on fire. It isn’t all too surprising since she is a world-famous model with one of the most gorgeous smiles ever. All she has to do is fire up a grin, and everyone’s hearts melt. Before Chrissy became internet famous, she was a cheerleader at Snohomish High School. It was there that she began to get attention from others, and it wouldn’t be long until the entire world would experience her beauty and charm. She stood out from the pack when cheering, and both the other cheerleaders and the fans in the bleachers were well aware of it.

Cheerleading Lead Christina Aguilera to the Mickey Mouse Club

Before all the incredible fame, Christina Aguilera was a cheerleader. She cheered while at North Allegheny Intermediate High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cheering lead to her becoming a household name in so many different ways. The first way was when she was on The Mickey Mouse Club. If you grew up with the show or had children who watched it, you already know who Christina was. After leaving the show, she released the hit song Genie in a Bottle, and her fame skyrocketed after that. Christina was first and foremost a cheerleader, and from there, everything climbed to heights that no one could’ve ever imagined.

Katie Couric Was a Cheerleader at Several Different Schools

News junkies know Katie Couric from Yahoo! News and 60 Minutes. Long before she was educating the country on the latest ongoings around the world, Katie was a cheerleader at various schools in and around Arlington, Virginia. The same bright and beautiful smile that delivers the news also filled athletes, students, and sports fans with school spirit. How could any team lose when they have such an energetic person cheering them on? She was as captivating then as she is now and the proof of that is in the fact that she was on several cheerleading squads and had no trouble getting on them when her family moved around town.

Kathie Lee Gifford Went From Being a Cheerleader to a Beauty Pageant Winner

Cheerleading for Kathie Lee Gifford was a stepping stone for what would later come. She went on to win Maryland’s Junior Miss Pageant in 1970. That’s an incredible achievement, but Kathie would go on to bigger and better things throughout her life. Kathy later went to Oral Roberts University, where she studied drama and music. After all that, she hosted Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee for fifteen years. It seems that Kathy can do anything that she puts her mind to. Success was in her blood from an early age, and it doesn’t appear that she’s going to slow down any time soon.

A Rare Photograph of Meryl Streep in Her Cheerleader Uniform

The internet was set ablaze back in 2012 when this photo of Meryl Streep surfaced of her wearing a cheerleader uniform. It was rumored up until then that Meryl was a cheerleader, but there wasn’t any proof of it. Meryl wasn’t just a cheerleader at Bernards High School in New Jersey; she was on the varsity squad. She had such talent that it rose her to the top and eventually as high as she could go in the world of cheerleading. Much later on in life, Meryl would star in such blockbusters as Doubt, Out of Africa, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Denise Richards Has a Long Exciting History That Began as a Cheerleader

Denise Richards is well known for so many things that it can make a person’s head spin. She’s famous for being the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen. Before all the mayhem of her past relationship, she starred in the hit TV show Saved By The Bell and also had a role on Married With Children. What kickstarted her career that catapulted her into fame? Some would say that is when Denise became a cheerleader at El Camino High School in Oceanside, California. That’s where it all began with her, and from there, it was all an incredible journey. Denise has been through a lot, and she’s also accomplished quite a bit as a reality television star. Through it all, she had relied on the strength and determination that was instilled in her back when she was a cheerleader.