Kevin Holland Stops a Gunman at the Houston Café


Kevin Holland, a Professional boxer, claims he assisted in the arrest of the guy that fired a pistol at a Houston fancy cafe on Monday evening.

Kevin told our news correspondent on Wednesday evening that he and his fellow buddy Patrick Robinson were having Japanese food. They noticed a loud blast and then saw everyone who was fleeing in terror. Kevin and Patrick claimed they witnessed some other guy attempting to pull the pistol away from the officer and proceeded to assist in disarming the guy and detaining him before the officer responded.

“Because they’re genuinely equipped for that circumstance,” HollanKevin added, “I wouldn’t advise that this next person try it.” “I practice personal defense first and primarily, in addition to professional boxing. That would be the preferred approach for someone like me to protect ourselves at the time. Additionally, I’m a big fan of Batman.”

According to a representative for the Houston Officers Department, it is against protocol to reveal the identities of eyewitnesses. Therefore police were unable to corroborate Holland’s participation. However, Holland’s story matches whatever the cops have said.

At roughly midnight Monday, the accused shot a pistol into the air at the café within the Highland Village retail area, as shown in a Houston PD spokeswoman. As cops arrived on the scene, the individual seated next to the shooter in the café held out his wrist, swung the pistol aside, and tried to restrain him.

As per authorities, the alleged shooter has indeed been recognized as 24-year-old Jesús Samaniego. He’s been charged with murder and illegally carrying a firearm.

Kevin said he didn’t even realize a gunshot had already been released until he noticed individuals fleeing.

Kevin said, “I was looking in one direction, and afterward, he noticed a massive, loud crash.” “So because folks behind each other enjoying a birthday dinner, I assumed it was a wine bottle was exploding. I see individuals scurrying around with death stares on their faces as if they were concerned.”

Kevin and Patrick “went to the ground” and crouched for protection, then glanced in the location of the gunfire, according to Kevin. Kevin claimed to have seen the shooter as well as the guy who seized his elbow. According to Holland, the shooter aimed the pistol at Kevin, Patrick, and other clients at the time. Kevin said that instead of fleeing, he and Robinson proceeded to the other end. Kevin said he took up a stool to attack the shooter, but since they were struggling on the floor, he really could not determine who the shooter, as well as the good Citizen, actually were.

Holland observed the guy carrying the rifle at the bottom of the fight. He said that he and Patrick assisted in prying the rifle from his grip. Kevin said he sat the guy on his knee, looped his thighs over his, and placed him in a back-side neck ankle lock.

“I just let go of collar as fast even though he was [unconscious], slipped out on the front, grabbed full position, and extended the wrists out because he can not reach for almost anything,” Kevin told our news correspondent.

Kevin and Patrick claimed they took the young man’s rucksack and flung it to the ground, ensuring the pistol was out of range. He stated the cops came soon.